We are delighted to bring you the latest installment from our 2019 collection as we celebrate the work of some incredible creatives and positive people from the world of Music, Fashion and Lifestyle.


In this issue we take a very special look at London Fashion Week and some of the brilliant collections which were showcased. We also feature the work of London based fashion collective, NAMES - an exceptional company highly respected for the positive platform they provide emerging designers.


For the music fans out there we also have a range of exciting interviews with the likes of The Darkness, Pale Waves, Swim Deep to name but a few.


We are also absolutely blessed to be featuring the exceptional Miss Swimsuit UK - much more than a competition but a celebration and sisterhood of strong confident women!


With 40 carefully selected articles and so much great content, Issue 3 of the 2019 collection sees us take Darkus to a whole new exciting level, which trust us, you do not want to miss!

2019: Issue 3