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ZELA Return With Powerful New single 'sober lovin u'

It is crazy to think that it has been over a year since the north east music scene was introduced to the world of Zela, and within that time they have delighted us music fans here in the region.

When ZELA first were put on my radar in May 2020, it didn’t take long before this duo consisting of siblings Liv and Max Griff, from Bishop Auckland in County Durham became one of my favourite North East Artists. Knowing that these two talented minds were also from the same small town that I grew up in, gave me reason to smile even more.

Over the past number of months the pair have released some truly addictive and adrenaline filled tracks such as Sleep Real Bad, I Think I Might’ve Killed Someone, and even the badass vibes of With Ya Boys. While many regard ZELA as newcomers, don’t let that fool you, because they have wasted no time in showing the world how passionate they are when it comes to sharing their music with the world.

Given the whirlwind of the past 18 months we have all experienced due to a certain pandemic, ZELA’s music has been that refreshing beacon of light that for me personally that has kept me going at a time I have needed it the most. With that in mind, my face lit up with pure joy when I learned that to make Summer 2021 that extra bit special, I was invited to get an exclusive listen to their upcoming track, sober lovin u, which will be released on 9th July 2021.

Yea sure here at DARKUS we are privileged to have a cheeky listen to most bodies of work before general release, but when it is by personal invite by one of you favourite names in music, then it just becomes that extra bit special.

From first impressions, sober lovin u, certainly has hints of some of those signature trademarks ZELA are known for, but at the same time what really impresses me about this track is how our beloved lead vocalist, Liv Griff has really pushed the boundaries as a songwriter as we see her express some raw emotions of the heart, in a way that us music can connect and relate to. One of my favorite lines from the song for example being ‘I never get like this, because my heart drink drives and tells nasty lies, but have got me making coffee, making love, and I am a little bit in love with your face’. Like wow, not just poetic but so poignant and powerful too.

Sharing anyone’s emotions can be quite a scary thing for anyone, but the way that Liv has given us a glimpse into some of the whispers of the heart has been delivered with such serenity, which just makes me as a listener sit her and respond back with a ‘hell yes gurlll! Preach it! I know what you mean!’.

When you compare sober lovin u, to ZELA’s other releases, it is evident to see that they have really taken things up a few gears. This latest offering is a prime example of how the duo are continuing to take all of their influences and own creative flair to produce exceptional music which sees them continue to grow and elevate their music to a place of confidence and strength.

If I could encourage you to make one call to action today, as I bring my thoughts to a close, it would be simply to make sure to check out sober lovin u and the rest of ZELA’s brilliant tracks. They have already come so far in the space of a year, and with no sign of slowing down any time soon, this is your chance to witness the flourishing of one of the most exciting names to emerge out of the north east music scene. So don’t delay, your journey with ZELA starts today!

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Article By Thushara S.Chandrasiri

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