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ZebragrasS - Behind

It might very well be his very first release, but oh my days I am already infatuated by US artist ZebragrasS and his latest track Behind which came out only ten days ago. When you press that play button our talented artist draws you in with his soothing yet powerful vocals, with the composition and the melodies of the song itself playing their part to put you at ease, as you cherish everything that Behind has to offer.

The lyrics are quite poetic yet you find yourself as a listener resonating with you as ZebragrasS takes us through the narrative of his mind. I feel that Behind as a song also has a lot of depth and character to it, which sometimes can be a difficult balance to make when you are starting out, but ZebragrasS does this quite effortlessly, at least that is how it comes across based on first impressions.

Behind also gives the impression that when it comes to the type of artist ZebragrasS he is someone who likes to create intricacy within the realms of his music, which for me makes his music even more appealing to me. I may sound bold here, but listening to this latest track I can pick up some Bowie-esque vibes, but with ZebragrasS adding his own unique 2022 influences into it.

As first releases go ZebragrasS has started his journey as an artist well, with Behind being quite a strong and impressive track to give us all our first flavours of the man behind the music.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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