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Yves V doesn't stop with brand new tracks and new projects

DJ/ Producer Yves V has just released his new track ‘Echo’ via ALOK - the biggest Brazilian artist with over 500 million monthly streams - CONTROVERSIA Records! And he's also one of the fewest artists in the world to have been lucky enough to play a packed sold out venue in 2021.

Yves V is the only mainstage resident of Tomorrowland (the world's biggest festival), alongside #1 DJs in the world (according to the DJ Mag Top 100 Djs Poll) Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, only reinforcing Yves's status, as he has played the mainstage more than any other artist in history. This past year alone, he has collaborated with names across pop and electronic including Afrojack & Icona Pop, Sam Feldt, KSHMR, Krewella and Rozes (of Chainsmokers fame) with releases on Spinnin’ Records, Laidback Luke’s Mixmash and more, taking his solo, big-room sound to headline shows across the world's best clubs including Brazil's Green Valley, Zouk in Singapore, Bootshaus in Germany, creamfields Festival, Ushuaia Ibiza alongside NERVO and rapper Tinie Tempah, and more. As well as this, his recent tracks including the Eminem-sampling 'Not So Bad' recieve regular plays across BBC Radio 1's Dance Anthems and Scott Mill's drivetime show.

Here at Darkus we had to catch up with him, from his house in Antwerp, Belgium whilst he enjoys a glass of red wine and prepares for live shows to resume, here's what he told us.

How have you been?

I am good. I have been home since last year, I only did one show a few weeks ago in Nepal and besides that only live streams and working on new music. To be honest, I have been enjoying my time off as well.

In your career you have been playing everywhere, how did it feel to spend a long time at home?

For me it was actually a good thing, because the previous year I was always on the road, always touring and it's usually like a rollercoaster which never ends. You go from one show to another and it was good to be home and to spend some time with my family and to do some other things as well, we went for walks, we cooked. It was a bit too long I guess though, but you had to make the best out of it. I saw it as a positive thing. But here in Belgium, they might start with shows and festivals at the end of the summer, so I am curious and excited about the future.

Speaking about festivals, you are a resident at Tomorrowland. What does it mean to you, especially since you're from Belgium?

I have been a resident for a very long time. When I started at Tomorrowland it wasn't as big as it is today, the organisers are friends of mine so it feels like coming home when I am there. It's not far from my place, I am just 30 minutes away. I have played different festivals but, yeah, it feels different. It is a different experience. Especially because it's a beautiful gathering of people from all over the world. I love also the fact that getting tickets is quite hard it makes it unique. People are really happy to finally make it Tomorrowland. There's a really amazing vibe over there. It's very difficult to describe it.

What do you remember from your first show ever?

Wow. I don't think I actually remember my first show but it was definitely in Belgium. I started when I was 15 years old, back then, the goals was to play in a local club which was very hard at the time so I organised small parties in multiple venues. When I started DJing for me it was just a hobby, it was my passion. I never thought it could be my job. Also, DJs were not as popular as they are now. It was a different scenario. But I remember becoming very organic, it didn't happen overnight.

Do you still feel that excitement when you play in front of a big audience?

You get used to it for a big part but there is always a "healthy stress" and I think if I don't have that anymore then there's something wrong because you need to feel excited. I still have that. Especially for huge shows.

In 2019, you released "We Got That Cool" with Afrojack and Icona Pop. How did you get together for this hit?

I first finished the record with Afrojack, there was someone else singing the song as well, we sent the track when it was almost finished to Icona Pop. We were really happy that they liked the song and wanted to do the vocals on it. Somebody sent me the original lyrics, but the idea was to make it more recognisable and that's why we came up with idea of using the existing sample. It worked really well and Afrojack was very excited when he heard it. However, everything happened online, I met Afrojack towards the end to finish off some details but I met Icona Pop when we presented the song live at Tomorrowland.

The track is a regular play at BBC Radio 1. What is your favorite memory from the UK?

Well, I love to go as a tourist, London is one of my favorite cities. Amazing restaurants and bars, I don't know why but I really feel home there. I can't seem to explain why but I love the vibe over there. I played in the UK a few times but they were all great. I did London and Manchester and I remember they were amazing shows. When I heard that the track was being played on BBC Radio 1, for me it was unbelievable, because I know that in the UK, you guys have a particular style which is a bit different than the rest of Europe, you enjoy more the garage house, so I was really happy to finally to made to a regular radio station.

You mentioned you played in Nepal, how was playing in such an interesting place after a long time?

I think I have already been almost everywhere in the world, Nepal was still missing on my list. I was really happy. I had to play in front of a packed sold out club with about 3,000 people. They were celebrating their New Year. For me it was a dream coming true, it was very strange because after the show people were coming to me to take pictures and I wasn't used to having people around me anymore. It was a great experience. It's sad to hear that Nepal is again on lockdown. I was lucky to do a show there. We also went around so I had time to visit the capital Kathmandu and the Hymalayas.

What is next for you now?

I have a new track coming out soon with Steve Aoki. We started working on it a year ago so I am really happy that it's finally going to be out.

What inspires you the most?

Traveling, that's my biggest inspiration and cannot wait to be able to do it again.

What relaxes you the most?

Having dinner and drinking a good glass of wine but when I'm touring, I love laying down and watch some Netflix.

"We Got That Cool" is out now.

Words by: Sal Fasone

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