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You can play board games whilst having food with your friends at draughts?

It’s 2014 when Draughts open its first branch in a former railway arch in Haggerston, today Draughts is a board game Bar & Kitchen, or should I say THE most famous board game restaurant in London with two locations: Waterloo and Hackney with over 1,000 unique games spread across both sites.

Whilst Draughts Waterloo is under Waterloo station, is spread over two floors, and has a capacity 150 (seated), Draughts Hackney is in a Grade II listed building, has seven-interconnected spaces, including a private gaming space, large beer garden, conservatory and dive bar with a full-size shuffleboard table and a capacity of 250.

How does it work? First thing first, book online your table. Both sites can get super busy especially during the weekends, then you go to the restaurant you selected and … start playing!

Guests are required to play £6 per person to access the massive game library available for a maximum of 3 hours. You’ll also be able to select from a wide menu of food and drinks.

We got to visit Draughts Hackney. We started off with a couple of drinks in the garden but as it got a bit windy we all went inside and that’s how things got interesting but also exciting.

The staff are there to help you and explain whichever game you decide to play.

There was so many games we’ve never even heard of. First round is Cards Against Humanity because - don’t you want to break the ice and laugh around with your friends? UNO was our second choice and that’s how friendships were destroyed.

Draughts is definitely not just a restaurant, the vibe is friendly and chill that you forget you’re not home. It’s the best place to have fun with your friends.

Do we recommend? Although the £6 charge per person to play is a bit expensive, the answer is absolutely yes!

For more info and bookings

Words: Sal F.

Photos: Draughts London

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