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Wun's Tea Room, a bit of Hong Kong in the heart of London

From the team behind steamed bun specialists Bun House, on a corner site in London’s Soho, Wun’s Tea Room and Bar is definitely worth visiting. Wun’s reflects the atmosphere of Hong Kong’s open-air street cafes, The interior upstairs is reminiscent of colonial Hong Kong with geometric flooring, vintage lights, exposed brick and a giant red neon sign of a Chinese character hung in the middle of the restaurant.

Downstairs things become more den-like, with deeper shades of green, velvet seating, a neon-lit bar and an eclectic soundtrack of psychedelic and go-go style music capturing the spirit of Hong Kong’s nightlife, we sat upstairs as the packed restaurant left us not a lot of options but I managed to get a glimpse of downstairs’ design as I made my way to the toilets.

We started off the dinner with a couple of cocktails, Many of which feature Asian flavours not found at many other bars in town. We tried the Marigold & Lemongrass (gin, lychee infused baijiu, lemongrass tea, jasmin syrup) and Pandan & Lychee, a coconut infused paijiu with pandan syrup and lychee soda.

As we wanted to try as many things as possible without stuffing ourselves too much, we tried the delicious Lamb Skewer - I am personally not a fan of lamb, I don’t really go for lamb ever but something in my mind told me to go for it and wow, that definitely did not disappoint.

For mains, we ordered Wun’s famous Iberico Char Siu with spiced sugar skin - an exquisite explosion for your mouth and fried Chicken with Kung Pao Butter, which is probably a taste I will never forget.

The Salt and Pepper squid with sesame and chilli was something that caught our eyes as well and thank God we ordered it. Was it my favourite one of the order? It’s hard to decide.

Words by Sal

Photos: Courtesy of Wun’s House

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