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WORLD’S FIRST MONOPOLY LIFESIZED is in London and you don't want to miss it

Monopoly Lifesized is a high-octane way to play the planet's favourite board game. This interactive edition features four different massive Monopoly boards complete with themed challenge rooms, community chest games, a lifesized jail and your favourite tokens in a landmark Central London site.

Monopoly Lifesized combines all your favourite board game elements with state-of-the-art interactive game play, immersive theatre, and entertainment technology. For 80 minutes, players of all ages can feel the thrill of trying to stage a heist in Mayfair, compete against a clock to build some of London’s iconic buildings, solve a baffling murder mystery or step into the world of codebreakers. It is an unmissable and totally unique experience.

Monopoly Lifesized features a themed restaurant and bar, The Top Hat, with delicious food, bespoke cocktails, and immersive Monopoly-themed fun. There’s also a 24-person, themed VIP bar, The Mayfair at Monopoly Lifesized, and a retail outlet selling a range of Hasbro game merchandise and bespoke Monopoly Lifesized items. This is truly a destination attraction where players can eat, drink, shop, and play — all under one roof.

Monopoly Lifesized is brought to life through a license between global play and entertainment company, Hasbro, and London-based experiential entertainment production house, The Path Entertainment Group. It is the first major project by immersive experience and theatrical producer The Path Entertainment Group, which brings classic IP to life in immersive environments worldwide. Monopoly Lifesized London is just the first of a series of the experiences set to roll out worldwide.

David Hutchinson, CEO of The Path Entertainment Group, said, “The response has been phenomenal and what’s brilliant is seeing people’s passion for Monopoly translate to excitement around this fantastic new immersive experience. We’re already inundated with approaches to set up Monopoly Lifesized in locations around the globe and bring the world’s favourite board game to life for the whole world.”

What are you waiting for?

Eat, drink, shop and play under one roof at 213-15 Tottenham Court Road

For more info visit:

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