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WoodWick launches new Autumn and Winter Fragrances and we love them!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The wooden wick candle brand, WoodWick®, is inviting the nation to indulge their senses and elevate their winter style at home with its new range of seasonal fragrances for Autumn and Winter 2020, featuring a trend-forward collection of high-quality, sophisticated fragrances.

Creating a unique, multi-sensory experience with its new range inspired by ingredient trends, the new collection of WoodWick® candles feature unique notes for any space. From subtle sweet notes of dried fruits, to the spice of peppercorn, or earthy notes of exotic woods and leather, the new collection has a fragrance perfect for the change in seasons. 

The innovative, patented natural wooden wicks of WoodWick® candles crackle softly as they burn, with the premium fragrance notes and sophisticated designs helping elevate the ambiance of any home and indulge the senses.

Launching in July 2020, the new range of Autumn WoodWick® fragrances – includes: 

Black Peppercorn – A peppery blend of earthy spice fragrances surrounded by sweet amber and creamy sandalwood aromas.

Lavender & Cedar – Notes of pink peppers and aromatic lavender are layered with sage flower, patchouli and blonde woods scents.

Stone Washed Suede – Fiery notes of pepper, sweet jasmine and enticing amber enliven the familiar scent of stone-washed suede.

The range of Winter WoodWick® fragrances launching in October 2020 includes:

Sage & Myrrh – A fresh, comforting blend of myrrh, bergamot, sandalwood and lavender notes.

Caramel Toasted Sesame – The scent of toasted sesame, pecan and maple toffee with a splash of bourbon and vanilla.

Velvet Tobacco – Scents of vanilla, tobacco, dried plum and cinnamon are infused with sandalwood and smoky cedar notes.

WoodWick® will also add two new candles to its Seasonal Trilogy Collection. Each Trilogy candle features three distinct fragrances, creating its own unique scent experience as the different layers melt and mingle together. The new Trilogy fragrances include:

Mountain Air – Revitalise yourself with the cool fragrance of a mountaintop, as layers of Black Peppercorn, Wood Smoke and Lavender & Cedar notes blend together.

Holiday Cheer – The new seasonal fragrance of Caramel Toasted Sesame mixes with a warm blend of warm Cinnamon Chai and rich Spiced Blackberry notes. 

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