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Will Young - 20 years and counting - 18th October 2022 - O2 City Hall Newcastle

Photo By Sam Wall

This year the original pop idol Will Young celebrated 20 years since being crowned champion by going on tour and taking us on a trip down memory lane and proving he’s still got it two decades later.

To achieve twenty years in the music business is no easy feat and from what I saw and heard on this tour it showed to me that he’s not going anywhere soon. For many of us his win on the talent show is a distant memory and with so many others that have come after him disappearing into the ether he has undoubtably cemented himself as a British household name and a person of massive significance in the LGBTQ+ community.

As soon as he graced the stage he was met with thunderous applause which you could tell took him aback from a moment. He composed himself and jumped into the first song of his 17 song, hour and a half set. Opening with the first single he released, a cover of the Westlife classic ‘Evergreen’ his singing talent that catapulted him to fame was evident. His voice was powerful and direct which brought everyone out of the seats by the first chorus.

Photo By Sam Wall

Throughout his set he recounted us with tales and anecdotes that really connected with the audience, He is truly thankful for all the fans that put him where he is and if he could, I believe he’d have given every single one of them a hug if he could. This wasn’t just a musical show, it had elements of a comedy and theatre tour that elevated the performance to great heights

I particularly enjoy that as well as his own songs he isn’t afraid to throw his own spin on a few cover tracks including ‘Light my Fire’ by The Doors and ‘The Long and Winding Road’ by The Beetles. He closed the night with two of his biggest hits, ‘Leave Right Now’ and ‘Jealousy’. All the while fans were screaming and pleading for more. After this long in the business it is clear he’s got so much more to give.

Photo By Sam Wall

Article & Live Music Photography By Sam Wall

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