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Will Sparks - Say It Again

There have been so many iconic names in the world of EDM and Techno music over the years such as Robert Miles and Tiesto, however fast forward to 2022 and with a matter of time there will only one name on everyone’s lips - Will Sparks. Hailing from Australia, the DJ and Producer has already gone off to a flying start within the past number of months with his track LSD in collaboration with New World Sound.

While that may have been a nice introduction to his 2022 journey, to the delight of fans (myself included) I was excited to hear of the news of his latest masterpiece Say It Again which came out on 1st April 2022.

As a track, Say It Again, I feel is a further representation of how WIll Sparks continue to evolve and grow stronger and stronger as he takes his music and skill as a producer and DJ to new heights, and gives us material such as this which just blow your mind. Part of the charm behind this track is that there is a nice build up, which draws you in, leaves you captivated but fills you with pure adrenaline whenever the beat kicks in. Pardon my use of language here if you are a little bit prudish or easily get offended, but sometimes you will have those moments in music, much like love making where you climax too quickly.

Say It Again is not that track, instead it is the type of body of work which you will appreciate every single element and its intricacy, thus making it even more pleasurable to listen to as you embrace all the fantastic components that Will Sparks radiates through this track. Before you know it you won’t just be hearing the music, but will be feeling it too.

With the festival corner only round the corner, and the sunshine and warmer weather finally starting to make an appearance especially for anyone based in the UK like me, I can easily see that songs such as Say It Again, being one of those tracks which acts as a catalyst for an explosive summer for Will Sparks and his fans. Available to listen to now, make sure you don’t miss out and listen to Say It Again right now!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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