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Whimzi - IDWFD

I will forever be a huge supported of anyone who pushes the boundaries of creativity when it comes to music, especially for up and coming emerging female artists, so when I discovered the music of Chicago based Whimzi and her track IDWFD, I was instantly hooked.

Let me explain. For a start this song has such fusion as we see a mixture of metalcore, grunge and even some EDM elements to it, which are brought together perfectly by the incredible vocals of Whimzi herself. As a first time listener, it just gives me the vibe that as a producer this 24 year old lady is already making serious waves to become the next leading pioneer in the world of music, because IDWFD is so powerful as a song.

The elements that make you want to sing at the top of your lungs, the parts that make you want to get up and dance, and not forgetting those metalcore style vocals to scream along too! Generally the metalcore scene tends to be over populated with countless male-centric bands, so it is so refreshing listening to Whimzi who brings a whole different energy and edge. I will certainly be checking more of her music, and I can certainly see Whimzi already being my favorite rising artist of 2022! Thank you for introducing me to your incredible world Whimzi, I cannot wait to discover more!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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