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Weirdly Wonderful and Wonderfully Weird: Noel Fielding At The Other Art Fair

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Skilled at making the weird wonderful and the wonderful weird, Noel Fielding grows ever more lionized as his fairy tale unfolds. The Great British Bake Off is where you may know him from most as he shimmers his way through the mainstream, but this is just the cherry on top of his sweet cake. Comedy, music, and art are all parts of the makeup of Fielding, who is a faithful creator expressing his surreal imagination welcoming us into his world.

Noel’s presence was first felt in comedy starting in the 2000s, which were notably cooler than the 90s, as Vince Noir in The Mighty Boosh. In TV, radio, and stage form, it became a cult classic appealing to the artsy crowd due to its fantastical edge. From this, his inventive fashion and conviction in being his absolute self earned other TV work, including a stint as team captain for the game show Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Musical urges were explored too through collaboration Loose Tapestries, with Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno.

Already, it’s clear to see can how creativity is always flowing. However, the then lesser-known side (which has steadily grown) is that his early passion was art; it was at Croydon Art College that he became enthused with like-minded people ready to learn. With past exhibitions and an honorary masters degree from Buckinghamshire New University to boast of, he is currently Guest Artist at The Other Art Fair. Partners with Saatchi Art, the Fair champions emerging talent, giving them a place to sell their work. It encourages community spirit by letting its users interact through Q&As, tasks, and tours. Their website (which is gorgeous by the way) covers Sydney, LA, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Dallas, and our gent is showing his work in the London section.

Dali is a lifetime love of his, and the bizarre influence is apparent. There are fifteen works to admire that are wildly distinctive on his signature black background. Some are painted, and some use crayon. In all of them, colour is vastly important, and the vibrancy is a reflection of the mind where they have been invented; they whisk you off to another universe. Although some of the work can be perceived as dark, there is absolutely nothing sinister about them, much like the whimsical characters devised for the Boosh.

Shoes are significant garments in this collection, which are focal points in some of the work. Instead of painting the face for ‘self-portrait’, a humorous twist has been applied where a single boot is shown adorned with stars, heel, and a dash of a red interior. Red is also a vivid feature for ‘How I see you’, which not only gives an insight from Noel’s eyes but is gently mocking the subject…us. We meet 'Magic Pedro', whose cape uses the most delightful shade of lilac, where we are invited to question if he has a moustache for legs; instantly, you are creating a voice and a personality for this creation. A number are heavily detailed like 'Sir Peter Blake' and 'The Encounter', and others like ‘simples’, well you can take a guess.

Although the art sold quickly, you must take a visit to The Other Art Fair yourself. Fielding’s personality radiates through everything he does, and this collection adds to that. Continuing accessibility, he has even started an Art Club on Twitter and Instagram, using social media for its positive traits. He sets a theme for people to create and lovingly share their results. What’s brilliant to see is that a lot of the art has clear influences from the very man himself, whilst always encouraging a new generation that you must ‘do you’ and be individual…sparkle optional, but encouraged.

Article by Beverley Knight

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