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Wax Heart Sodality: Local North East band Release debut EP

In our ongoing quest to shed light on fresh new music, we stay a little closer to home this time as we celebrate the music of Wax Heart Sodality based here in the North East. The band have been slowly but confidently creating waves within the local music scene having performed at some of the finest local festivals such as Last Train Home Festival and Stockton Calling, plus an appearance or two at the Sage Gateshead.

If thats not exciting enough the band on the 1st September 2023 released their debut self-titled EP, with 4 stunning tracks showcasing just some of there strengths that make them a name to keep a close eye on. With the EP out, it felt only right we took the opportunity to check out it out for ourselves - be rude not to right?

The EP begins with opening track Funny Games, which just attracts your attention from the beginning, with an addictive rhythm and great vocals and lyrics. It is almost giving me the vibe of what it would look like if Muse and Echo & The Bunnymen had a love child. From a song-writing perspect I appreciate just how relatable everything is lyrically and is brought together in a way that still wants to make you get up and dance as you lose yourself in the music of Wax Heart Sodality.

Live, Laugh, Laugh which follows next is a great song for highlighting some of the core strengths of this rising band, and how collectively these 4 guys bring out the strength in one another.

Third track Lick Skin, Taste Win is probably one of my favourite track on the EP, because I think it gives us all a taste of Wax Heart Sodality in their element and as a song, overall I love how it also has a few twists which keep you hooked. If your looking for that one song to sing along to at the top of your lungs then this is probably the song you should totally crave for in life.

The EP ends with final track Shine which sees the band leaving the best till last with a song which just takes your mind into a state of total ecstasy and certainly a song which encourages your mind to just live in the moment and enjoy the song to the max, no filters or barriers, just 100% raw and pure.

As far as EP’s go this is not a bad choice to make as this is a body of work which gives you a good initial introduction to their potential and ongoing evolution as a band. I have every confidence that based on the 4 tracks I have just heard this is only the start of great things to come for a local band destined to go far. Has listening to the EP made me eager to want to experience there music even more? Without a doubt yes, so buckle up because I think its only a matter of time until the world will be craving the name of Wax Heart Sodality even more.

Available on major platforms the debut EP by Wax Heart Sodality ticks all the right boxes, so what are you waiting for, start listening now.

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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