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VIDDY - Nameless

I am going to level with you, while this is the first time Viddy has come on my radar, but the moment I heard her latest track Nameless, I was left speechless at just so beautiful it felt as a track on so many levels.

As soon as you listen, Viddy pulls you in with her captivating voice which just give you goosebumps, and that is only in the first twenty seconds, and before long you find yourself connecting with her lyrics and escaping into her enchanting world.

It is no secret that I am a lyric kinda guy, and well Nameless is a track that does not disappoint. In actual fact, listening to this song, I am filled with total admiration as Viddy sets the bar high by giving us lyrics so pure, wholesome, honest and raw. I find a lot of the time you either get one or the other, but to have the ability to bring all those qualities together as a song is a true art form, and one Viddy has mastered extremely well.

I long for the day when I will be able to see Viddy on the road performing Nameless and other tracks, because if just listening to this song via my favourite music platform is making me addicted and in love with this song even after a few listens, just imagine how even more elevated it would be to be right the same room hearing it being performed live.

Nameless is just a drop in the ocean I feel for this emerging Bedfordshire singer-songwriter, but as she continues on this path and makes another step in her evolution, I have this feeling that the potential she has unlocked so far, and qualities she has showcased through songs such as this, Viddy will truly be one of the greatest names in the world of emerging UK talent.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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