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Van Morrison : The Prophet Speaks

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Belfast legend Van Morrison proceeds his music ventures, making a triumphant return, producing what would seem to be a spin on a young Sinatra. Featuring an undeniable track listing with renowned artists like; John Lee Hooker, Sam Cooke and Solomon Burke, Morrison fans are in for an invigorating treat this December. Van has released his new single for his album ‘The Prophet Speaks’ and while it diverges from hits like ‘Gloria’ where his central focus was garage rock, I still believe Van has made a bold move ‘swinging’ into the thrilling world of soft jazz.

The tranquillising track makes for an easy listen, aromatic notes of relieving instrumental solos and saxophone harmonies cascade, forming the perfect ensemble for a stroll along a foreign beach or a dinner party in an ‘All About Eve’ scene. I can almost picture Bette Davis sipping cocktails with this record percolating through the air. Morrison has defied all odds this time, bringing a crooner quirk to his back catalogue and testing the musical waters with something so indispensably exotic. The song is in complex and quite smoothly symphonizes such underlying materials like a saxophone or a harmonica. For me personally, ‘The Prophet Speaks’ is not a style of music I am accustomed to. Perhaps this is the reason I did not accompany to the song’s admirable qualities at first, but after a few listens and an encouraging realisation, I came to the conclusion that the spotlight lies dimly on the simplicity that Morrison so effortlessly creates. His competent pitch works adequately with or without a fully fascinating acoustic background. The name Van Morrison alone sets the album up to be a dedicated, experimental and contemporary piece of art.

Van Morrison has sold albums worldwide with a vast audience who will in no doubt be anticipating the announcement of ‘The Prophet Speaks’. Originating from ‘Them’, one of the most established rock bands on the planet, Van has gone on to produce his own gems like ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ hitting the billboard hot 100 and becoming a staple record till Doomsday. Van has worked with the likes of Ray Charles on his album ‘Genius Loves Company’ and has recorded a classic country album ‘You Win Again’ with country singer Linda Gail Lewis. His legacy will forever amaze and live on into the bowels of musical history. He also carries an OBE and has written one hundred classics of his own material.

After years of inconceivable hits, albums and performances, Van Morrison is not ready to stop any time soon. December will unmistakably be a staggering month for all fans, admirers and general lovers of exemplary talent. ‘The Prophet Speaks’ is released December 7th and is not one to miss!

Grab yourself a copy if you’re wanting a relaxed night in or a sophisticated get together, as it really is something worth giving a listen.

Article By Holly Turner

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