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With his thirst for creativity as a filmmaker and his passion for making gripping horror films, Dean Midas Maynard from Willington in County Durham shared his latest production, Valentine’s Eve 2. Now personally as someone who is a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to the genre of horror, given how much praise this film has been receiving online, I knew I had to bite the bullet, be brave and give this film a go.

For anyone who is not familiar with Dean’s work until now, Valentine’s Eve 2 is part of a franchise of films which he introduces to a number of his key characters – Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine, both with their own retrospective films but both having significant importance in a much wider story. Back in October 2020 as part of a Halloween special, the two narratives intertwined as both Rag Dolly and Eve Valentine went head to head – a Jason vs Freddy moment but with ultimate female power.

With me so far? Good, now let's fast forward to the latest film in question. The film begins with a recap of that showdown which sees Eve, played by Sam Lavery, meet her fate as she attempts to attack an unsuspecting Rag Dolly only to find herself killed. This is then followed by an eerie tour around the rooms of West Manor and as your eyes are fixed to what is going on the title appears with a haunting chill and automatically I jump in fright – did I scream? Yes I bloody well did haha!

With the scene being set, viewers are then met with a birds-eye view of West Manor with local reporter, played by Emma Millen, commemorating the 1 year anniversary of Valentine’s Eve. While you live in the knowledge that Eve Valentine is no more, you have to ask yourself – do you really want to go into her home especially as it has been deserted for so long. It is like a scene from Jurassic Park when you just get this feeling that something isn’t right and there is probably a T-Rex ready to eat you alive at the other side, while us the viewers are screaming at the TV as loud we can saying ‘DON’T GO IN MOFO’ haha! However thanks to the nature of horror films, especially through the lens of Dean Maynard, you can guarantee turning around just isn’t how he rolls.

It is at this point we are introduced to three young women, Anne, Emily & Natalie. Seeing it as a bit of fun, the trio decides to help themselves to a nosey around as they walk around the rooms of West Manor. As they head upstairs with not a whisper to be heard, the camera then cuts to the building security guard coming down from a separate set of stairs as he carries out a routine check of all the rooms to see if everything is ok. He enters the main room of the mansion and sees that the radio is on, and decides to turn it off. As soon as his back is turned, again the radio turns back on! If that were me I would have been running outta there at lighting speed. Never mind the door, I will just jump out the window haha!

Spotting a pendant on the floor our confused security guard kneels down and all of a sudden we see a body moving towards him. Initially you would think, it must be one of those three girls we saw earlier, but no, no dear film fans there is only one person who can pull off a pair of boots like that – EVE VALENTINE! Yes she’s back, and she is pissed! As the security guard looks up in shock down he goes with a piercing stab of Eve’s fatal blade and that signature sound many recognize Eve for.

We are then taken back to our three young women as they decide to have a better look around the mansion. With one of the girls forgetting her purse, telling the others she will catch up with them in a moment, you just know it is not going to end nicely. She enters the bedroom saying to herself ‘Eve Valentine is dead, Eve Valentine is dead’, a misplaced declaration to make as it is only seconds until our angry star steps out of another room, creeps up behind and takes her next victim.

My reaction at that point is ‘ah man, why the hell did you have to go there on your own’. It is clear that Eve having already taken two lifes has no signs of stopping anytime soon, as she goes in search of the remainder from this trio of friends. The two girls are seen continuing to walk around the property but one stops to take the opportunity to take a selfie. You can probably get a impression that I am a very vocal kind of film watcher especially when it is just me in the room, so it wont surprise you that when I saw that scene I was thinking to myself, ‘girl this aint Disneyland or the sunny beaches of the tropics, get moving, and get moving fast’. Did she listen? Nope, she did it anyway and boom another victim taken by Eve’s blade of punishment.

The remaining girl, Anne, runs down the stairs, doing everything in her power to escape. We then are taken to a scene where her father, Jason, is sent a text message to come quickly otherwise his daughter Anne will be next. Rushing into his car and getting to West Manor as fast as possible on a cold winter day, he enters one of the main rooms where he meets Eve Valentine face to face, surprised to see that she still lives. I don’t want to be that guy that ruins the ending, because for that you will have to watch it for yourself. If there is one thing though, it is that yes Eve is back and she ain't going nowhere!

As I reflect back on having watched this film, I must commend Dean for his ability as a filmmaker, and through productions such as this, you really get a feel for his potential and what he is trying to achieve. You are taken on a journey with the characters in all of his films, and this latest creation is no different. Sam Lavery who reprises her role as she picks up her blade and her mask once more does an excellent job in owning her character and providing that extra edge.

What is next for Eve Valentine is anyone’s guess, but rest assured whatever the future holds you can guarantee it is one not to be missed. So next time you hear someone shout ‘She’s behind you!’, be on your guard because Eve Valentine is certainly someone you do not want to be coming after you!

Valentine's Eve 2 Is Available To View on YouTube Right Now! So don't delay...Eve is Expecting You!

Article By Thushara

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