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Unleash: Step Into The World of Cam Cole

Photo By Tom Morton

Its a dawn of a new day, as London based artist Cam Cole returns with his brand new album, Unleash, which let me tell you, certainly packs a punch. If you have heard the term one-man band, then Cam Cole is the type of person who takes that meaning to a whole new level.

As a first time listener myself, I have to say I am quite impressed as this record is filled with so much diversity which and is the perfect way to showcase just some of many strengths as an artist - be that the craftsmanship on those guitars (plenty of killer riffs) and the most catchiest of lyrics all brought together with a good helping of adrenaline. In need of your next fix? Well put that coffee and those smokes down, Unleash is the boost in your system you have been searching for.

So lets take a closer look at the album, as if your discovery Cam Cole and ‘Unleash’ for the first time you might be wondering how to best embrace this new record. I won’t give away all the trade secrets, but what I will do is pick out a few songs on the album which would be a good starting point to ignite your curiosity.

First up would have to be the opening track, Truth Be Told. It sets the precedent because it has a strong feel to it with a good helping of classic rock with that Cam Cole flare to it. It almost has that deep south feel to it, and I cant help but crank up the volume, especially when I hear those guitar riffs and drum solos.

If you are looking to stay in that atmosphere, in the sense of just looking for music you can rock out to, then my second recommendation from the track, Freedom would be right up your street. Has plenty of adrenaline oozing through it as your attention is drawn to just how much of a maestro Cam is with any instrument he picks up.

For me the hidden gem of this record would have to be the track Look In To Moon, because while the rest of the album has plenty of rock and roll goodness infused into it, this one allows us to see a much more gentler side to our new favorite Londoner as it the almost gentler and softer side to his personality which allows us as listeners to really focus on his style as a lyricist. I may sound bias here but its such a beautiful track.

So Alive which follows, continues in a similar vain as you get a glimpse of the heart of the man behind the music, however what I like especially about this song is thinking its going to be a gentler chilled track, when you least expect it that classic Cam Cole beat kicks which is one very pleasant surprise.

We cannot talk about this album talking about the headline track, Unleash - don’t just hear the music, this is your invite to stand up get those rock horns at the ready and just unleash your inner mosher - pardon the pun ha! It is the perfect track for anyone regardless of whether or not this is your first time you have heard anything by Cam Cole or if you have been an avid listener since the days of his New Age Blues EP back in 2019. Its the zero fucks, everyone invited and made to feel welcome track of the album!

Photo By Jon Ciotti

I won’t ruin the ending, but what I will say about closing track Home wraps everything together nicely and is the perfect way to end your Cam Cole experience on a high.

Looking at the album Unleash as a whole, this is a record which puts Cam Cole on the radar even more as you are not just given 10 tracks, but you are also taken into the mind of what could quite possibly be one of the most revolutionary game changers to emerge out of 2023. So don’t let that opportunity pass you by and start checking out Cam Cole and his brand new record today!

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Article By Thushara

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