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Having already released a handful of tracks such as Fire , Money and New Dawn, Norwich five piece continue to carve their path in the alternative rock genre, and despite having only been formed a couple of years ago in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there music just goes from strength to strength. With that in mind, I was extremely pleased to hear that on 5th August 2022, the band were back with their brand new single Break.

I will warn you now, if you are a new TRUTHTELLER fan, Break is the type of song which feels so invigorating to listen to and will leave you at a state of mind where you feel like your body and soul is tingling. Lyrically, Break is quite honest and wholesome, and some of the best songwriting I have ever heard, which it made even more enjoyable as it is executed with such confidence.

If gets better though, because as a first time listener you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily relatable the music is, which makes if even more adaptable and accessible for us music fans, whilst still providing that layer of depth which makes TRUTHTELLER’s music so captivating to listen to.

When I look at all of the bands material, including the self titled EP which was released back in March, along with this brand new single, I can easily proclaim that we have us some potential new titans of the alternative rock scene destined for exceptional things.

Article By Thushara S Chandrasiri

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