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Tove Styrke chews up her hesitations with ‘Show Me Love’

“I gotta make up for the nights I waisted dancing in the dark”, are the lyrics that kick off the chorus in Tove Styrke’s latest single ‘Show Me Love’. The Swedish pop star released the single on the 21st of January 2022 and the music video already has over 60k views.

The title of the single ‘Show Me Love’ is repeated throughout the song, as though it’s a yearn to be heard. However, this is something that Tove insinuates is a bad idea because later in the song she sings, “need something more than my imagination, even if it breaks my heart”. This line in the chorus juxtaposes with the definition of love, although it helps take us on the journey with her through her emotions.

The Grammy-nominated artist said: “I wrote it for someone I was madly in love with. Every word went directly from emotional parts of me, that I usually keep hidden, straight into the mic. It’s rare for me to write without any hesitation like that.

“We chew up love like fast food, yet when we truly fall for someone it’s always the same big, amazing, dangerous thing. Slow love. Hard love. It grows, it hurts, and it bends and it breaks.”

The tracks split in half with a guitar solo, an instrument which you see Tove Styrke playing on set alone without her singing or without any dancers around her in the music video. This contrasts with other scenes in the music video where she is surrounded by dancers who are either standing up or lying down.

Oskar Gullstrand, who directed the ‘Show Me Love’ video, said: “The video consists of three parts. The performance, where I wanted to channel classic starlets from the silver screen and pay homage to voguing. The fantasies, where the mass scenes and the birth of Venus to me are representations of sex and feminine energy. And lastly, we have the Rapunzel guitar solo as a metaphor for masturbation. This is one of my absolute favourite videos I’ve made.”

Elof Loelv and Sophia Somajo helped co-write and produce the piece with Tove, helping her keep her alternative pop sound. The single allows Tove to show off her vocals and instrumental skills, whilst expressing her inspiration from classic pop songs from the 50’s-70’s coupled with a modern tone.

Tove Styrke will be embarking on an American tour supporting MARINA over the coming month after her headline gig in Los Angeles at the start of February.


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Article By Courtney Davies

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