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Tom Grennan took over Ally Pally - and it was awesome!

This is it! This is the night we have all been waiting for. Tom Grennan's show at a packed Alexandra Palace in North London was the show we needed. To celebrate the release of his #1 album "Evering Road" we were there to witness the magnificence of his stunning performance at the iconic venue, a milestone for Tom Grennan which is definitely going to take him onto his next step of his career. The stage his simple but engaging, his energy is enough to make his crowd know that this is going to be a night to remember.

The performance, which started with ‘If Only’, ‘Royal Highness’, and ‘Something Better’, a solid foundation for a night of entertainment is created. By track four – ‘Sober’ – the crowd is wild and sings every word, a moment we're lucky to witness. 10,000 people singing every song from the Bedford singer and then he continues with "Never Be A Right Time".

“Thanks for being part of this family,” he addresses his fans “Thanks for the last 18 months" and he introduces his friend Ella Henderson to play "Let's Go Home Together", a special collaboration for the singer. "When Ella hit me up and played me this song and then asked me to join her on it, I was absolutely buzzin’ he commented and she didn't deny her excitement either "This song has always been so special to me that I kept going back to it. Tom and I have been friends for years, I love his voice and I’m so happy we got to do this together." It was definitely a moment to experience.

Iconic was his cover of Calvin Harris’ ‘By Your Side’, and ‘Found What I’ve Been Looking For’ as well as a snippet of Rufus and Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for Tom Grennan and his amazing career.

Tom will be closing his tour for an intimate performance at New Slang (Pryzm) in Kingston upon Thames tomorrow October 9th.

Photos: Ellisha Iddon

Words: Sal Fasone

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