Together We Stand: A Look At Myd's Summer Smash Song And Video

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

It’s here, supremely wearing its crown: the song of the summer. All you need to do is listen to Myd’s new track Together We Stand for it to practically pick you up, dust you down and tell you that everything's going to be just fine. However you describe it, the French DJ, musician, and producer has composed such an uplifting anthem, letting you easily drift away to a balmy beach to take in a firey, pink sunset, sipping turquoise sky coloured cocktails: just utterly gorgeous.

As it can often go for world-class engineers, Myd, otherwise known as Quentin Lepoutre, has remixed and produced his way through his fair share of acts, while also playing his part in electro quartet Club Cheval, who boast of millions of streams. Lepoutre’s warm, eccentric character shone through at all times as his creative path skipped into solo artist territory, and since signing with Ed Banger records, he keeps soaring, now more than ever. While we wait for his debut album to arrive soon, the gifted artist greeted us with the first track.

Electronic music unites us, more than any other genre if we were to be bold, and we’ve always known that; it’s what makes it so cosmic. Myd wanted to tap into this feeling of togetherness and tender community spirit he experienced on tour and wrote most of the album there. The video is a must-see, sight to behold. The song starts with a techno feel, topped with spoken word which bookends it too. It proceeds to be layered with a whole host of musical elements, and that mystic French Touch. With Myd laying down some of the vocals himself, the chorus swirls and lifts as the choir sing:

A millions grains of sand

Together we stand A millions grains of sand Looking for a land

For the American shot humorous video, the delicious colours present that LA vibe right in front of your eyes. Myd dances, keeping a straight face, from start to finish. He made sure he undertook some training to aid his two left feet but has done a grand job. Throughout his journey, he meets various figures: a maid, a glamourous lady in a sweet convertible, an older gent taking his dog on a walk, and in typical Hollywood fashion, a local news crew covering LA’s biggest sandwich. As people try and get on with their business, they wonder what on earth Quentin is doing, but he cannot and will not stop, the music won't let him. Undeterred, we arrive at a luxurious house in the Hollywood Hills where the Insta and Tik Tok generation are hanging out. They are moving and grooving in their fashion as our hero weaves through, gently teasing them.

We near the end, and face an LAPD arrest scene. However, of course, Myd keeps going, even taking matters onto the bonnet. This whole effort is delivering the message of not taking yourself so seriously and have fun wherever and whenever you can find it. If you feel like moving to a tune, then go for it, which resonates with classmate Breakbot's Be Mine Tonight video, where the young girl dances like no-one is watching. Together We Stand is so prevalent with the state of our world at the moment, and this euphoric offering is a thing of celebration that is going to become a classic in years to come.

Article by Beverley Knight

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