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Titanic: The Exhibition is like walking into the cruise ship itself

Titanic: The Exhibition London is far more than a display of historic items: it is a unique narrative experience, a tale of the people aboard history’s most legendary ship on its maiden and final journey. Travel back to 1912 through photographs, handwritten letters, wayward keepsakes, and other personal belongings telling countless stories about fates and heroic deeds on board. As you listen to survivor testimonies on your audio guide, you'll walk through recreated interiors of natural size, witnessing the stark contrast between a lavish first-class suite and a humble third-class cabin. Past and present come together in this emotional journey, a trip through time that brings us closer to the myths, stories and glamour of the historic Titanic.

Walking into the exhibition is like walking into the most famous cruise ship itself. It's a full immersion into the world of Titanic. With original items from the cruise to the stories of people who have actually traveled the Titanic, the experience is something you don't want to miss.

Titanic: The Exhibition is now in London! Get your tickets here.

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