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TheWorst - Monomania

While 1st April is normally associated with April Fools Day, over in the US based trio TheWorst, had another reason to be happy as they released their brand new track, Monomania. As a first time lister of the band myself, I was not entirely what to expect, but what I did find nevertheless left me feeling pleasant surprised. Monomania as a song has quite a nostalgic feel to it, which if you are fans of iconic artists such as Nirvana, then this song is certainly going to result in plenty of swaying, shoulder shuffles and foot tapping.

I never like putting people into different genre boxes, but what I like I like is how TheWorst have a late 90s feel to their music, which comes across in Monomania, but give it their own special 2022 spin to it. If we dismantle the song down even further then the raw but fresh vocals of Brooke Binion add to the songs charm, which is perfectly brought even more to life by fellow band members Will Bradford on bass and Craig Sala on drums. Combine the collective skills of the three of them and the magic they bring to their own roles, dare I say it, you have the equation for what could be arguable described as one of the greatest sets of musical minds around.

Now word on the street is that TheWorst have been working away on their much anticipated second album, so if Monomania is anything to go by, it is certainly going to be full of treats for sure. The song also comes with a really interesting music video, which helps to only elevate the track further, and is definitely worth the watch if you have the time, if not, make time because you won’t regret it.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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