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Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Watching a movie for me is much more than just seeing your favourite Hollywood star in action, it is also about the atmosphere that is created when you hear the music to the theme tune or if your hardcore like the majority of film fans checking out the official soundtrack. Sound familiar? Brilliant, I am not alone then ha!

This brings me to the next important point, which is to share the fabulous and exciting news that The World Of Hans Zimmer: A Symphonic Celebration which has been touring across the globe recently will be bringing the tour to the UK this month, which includes an night at the already sold out, Wembley Arena on 23rd March 2019.

Whether you love music or films (or both), I am sure you will agree that Hans Zimmer is one of the greatest composers around, who just leaves you feeling both excited and inspired. You only have to look at his success as an Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy winner to realise how his work speaks for itself.

His soundtracks have endowed a nearly endless list of blockbuster productions with drama and emotional depth: The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Da Vinci Code, The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar are just a few of the most famous films he has scored. In January 2018, Hans Zimmer received his 11th Oscar nomination for the breathtaking film score of Christopher Nolan’s box-office hit Dunkirk.

Just reading through those list of films, my adrenaline levels are already through the roof! I cant reveal too much about the shows at this point however, as you have to be there yourself to experience the wonder with your own eyes.

What I can say though is that these shows will be like any other event you have been to before. They will be an opportunity to see Zimmer’s hugely influential soundtracks presented it in a less elite world, offering fans young and old the chance to experience the legendary composer’s work in an exciting new way, in what promises to be a spectacular series of shows.

So what are you waiting for, spread the word, find your favourite outfit, and get yourself to these truly once in a life time style shows as you come together with fellow fans to celebrate the work of the one and only Hans Zimmer.

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