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‘The Walk Higher’ - The Latest EP from The Next Global Super Star, Will Brown

It is the EP guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and man I am so happy I had the pleasure of discovering it. If your wondering what I am talking about, well it gives me great pleasure to introduce you the one and only Will Brown and his EP ‘The Walk Higher’ which came out on the 25th August 2023.

Just because Summer has come to an end, that does not mean we have to feel sad, because you have EPs such as this which act as a much needed pick me up and put a spring in your step. So on that note let’s take a bit of a closer look.

The EP begins with the opening track with the powerful and uplifting vibes of Walk Higher which hearing for the first time felt so refreshing, thanks to the rhythm and Will’s warm and inviting vocals. As much as I tried to fight it for the fear of being seen as a crazy person as people walked on by, I couldn’t hold back anymore and just needed to be that guy in the corner bopping away in the corner smiling, lip syncing and loving life - all thanks to Will Brown.

Lyrically I found Walk Higher really empowering, especially lines such as ‘Determined to love myself, I’ll learn to soon some how, one step at a time I love, I’m walking higher now’ honestly wow, I take those words as a listener and manifest them, and makes me think to myself I might of only met Will Brown, but I feel like say a huge amen to him!

From Walk Higher we move onto Dancing For Myself, again full of energy so much depth to the lyrics, I just love have easily relatable it is, and it is just a song which radiates the most important lesson of life - self love.

“Baby what you see is what you get, talking into the mirror, never seen it so clear, I can’t believe I let myself forget, the only one that I need is looking back at me…’

Hearing those lines just felt so cathartic and you know what actually made me feel quite emotional in a good way. Don’t be worrying Thushara aint sad, these be happy tears!

There used to be this unspoken stereotype in music where dark and moody vs self-love was gender based, but times are changing thanks to artists like Will Brown are helping to change that narrative and vibrating messages of confidence, self love and a touch of sass and making them fluid and accessible to all regardless of gender.

Sorry got a bit deep there haha, let's continue onto the next track. I was really intrigued when I heard Surround You, because it always felt that Will had taken things up another gear, especially in terms of the song writing going that extra level. For instance:

‘Something fills the space in between us, gives me shivers when we touch, an electric kind of love. If I could hold you closer I could do it, coz you're like velvet on my skin, I could feel it sinking in. I just need you now, I need the love that you give…’

I think that is one of the most profoundly captivating verses I have ever heard in a piece of music, because you take the are of a song writer and transform it into something quite intimate and sensual. I am sure if you take hold of the song, and really listen and connect, we can all think of people in our lives who have the same positive effect in our life in the same way that this song does. I know a few names in my personal life over the years for sure.

Continuing to keep us on our toes, and giving us a glimpse of his diversity as an artist, the next song, Mercy comes as a very pleasant surprise and is an all round wholesome experience from all angles - songwriting, passion, inviting and just fills you up with optimism.

It’s the song on the EP which feels like a much needed hug especially when you have lines like:

‘I am what I am, take my body in your hands, please forgive me, give me all the reasons for living.’.

I think what really gives this song an extra layer of character is how it's much more stripped back where the softness of the piano keys and Will’s natural aura help guide the way.

After what has been one of the most spectacular listening experiences ever, it’s time for the encore moment of the EP, the closing track Finally Free. As a music fan I always gravitate to artists who bring together all that energy and excitement they have harnessed through their record so that by the time of that final track it leaves us all hungry for more. And well I can confidently say this is what Will Brown has successfully managed to do with Finally Free.

As I took in the music and embraced the moment I found myself at the same time chanting along to the words:

‘My mind was finally open to a world I didn’t see, a taste of sweet reality, so glad to finally be free’

All I have to say is WOW.

So there we are 5 of the most epic songs i have ever experienced, and all found on Will Brown’s latest EP, ‘The Walk Higher’. I don’t think we have even touched the surface of Will’s potential, but the more and more I think about this body of work, and how pure, organic and captivating it was on so many different levels, while it may be a bold statement to make, I think we may be looking at our next global super star!

Available to listen on all major platforms, The Walk Higher is available now!

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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