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The Story So Far Takes Leeds As It Pleases : 9TH October 2018 – Leeds Beckett University

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

American pop punk band, The Story so Far, have been on a ever climbing road to popularity, being one of the most recognisable and listened to names in the field. The highly anticipated fourth studio record, Proper Dose, was a surprise to most but was still tastefully brilliant so following that success the band toured with the record in the United Kingdom in October.

Having the pleasure to see them again in Leeds’ Beckett Student Union venue was something unsurprisingly special. Parker Cannon and Co. confidently strutted on stage and performed a memorable set of songs new and old. With his mildly new image and stage presence similar to that of indie rock star Liam Gallagher, Cannon had the audience finding humour in him, but, it didn’t stop a single person from singing along to every word of every song. He delivered like always and managed to pop out a fake English accent in order to get a YORKSHIRE chant started in the room.

The band electrified the crowd and got everybody rowdy from the first song, Nerve; everyone was angrily yet enjoyably finger pointing and shouting every lyric back at the US rockers.

The set blended oldies with their more newer songs including a sweet rendition of Take Me as You Please, as well as a dreamy version of Upside Down with aid from Citizen front man, Mat Kerekes, who acted as the lead support band on the tour.

The vibe of the room was quickly heightened again as they dove straight back into pop punk classics including Empty Space and Quicksand; anthems that can be recognised by angst filled teenager who listened to the band in the early 2010s. Bodies and limbs were flung about in every direction without a care; a dangerously fun environment to be in.

The endlessly energetic evening was perfectly rounded off with a emotionally gripping rendition of the fan favourite track Clairvoyant, which may have left a eye or two full of tears. Not a single voice in that room wasn’t heard in room for those 3 short yet brilliant minutes as the crowd practically sang the song for the band leaving them to simply orchestrate the closing of the evening.

Leaving the stage with many thanks, grins and promises to return to city of Leeds, the lights came on and the people flooded out, still on a level that cannot be easily matched by many bands.

Article By Erin Harrison

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