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The Offspring - Let the Bad Times Roll

It’s been a long time coming, almost a decade, since The Offspring's last album. The first single o also being the title track for the album, Let the Bad Times Roll, is in direct reference to the storm we’re currently in. It’s straight to the point without fuddling the message with guitarist Noodles adding, “Folks are saying, if it’s all going to hell, we might as well make the most out of it, or at least go out swinging. Let the bad times roll!”

The video first focuses on the ‘typical’ teen angst of phone attacks, physical appearance and laser-firing kitten screensavers before drawing on the real, global fear of the pandemic. As expected it also has what The Offspring do best, rocking out. The track ticks the boxes of the tried and tested Offspring formula, catchy riffs, driving drums, and of course the woahs and chants that are a staple of theirs.

This is a necessary track in terms of learning to cope with the current struggles as well as a statement of defiance, it's about sticking two fingers up at the world and exclaiming bad times are all around us so we might as well have a damn good time.

Article By Sam Wall

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