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The Mojo Revival - Dragonfly

Making their debut appearance in the world of music, two brothers better known as The Mojo Revival shared the exciting news that recently that they had officially released their first ever single, Dragonfly. I have always loved checking out new music, but it makes me it even more special when I know it comes from anyone who is just starting out for the first time.

When I heard Dragonfly for the very first time, I was totally speechless at just how it was such a powerful and brilliant track which grabs your attention instantly. There is not much information to go on who exactly the brother’s are, but regardless of that they both complement each other so well, with one on vocals and guitar and the other on bass. Coupled together with the compositions and how well produced Dragonfly, this is one of those easy to listening songs where you find yourself embracing every single moment of the song.

The lyrics themselves are pretty awesome too, somewhat poetic in a way and quite heartfelt and honest. If you are a day dreamer like me, then you will also find you resonate with the lyrics. If you want a song to get upto a dance away to your hearts content, Dragonfly hasn’t got that type of vibe to it, but if you are looking for something chilled and reflective that draws you in as you allow the music to overcome you, then this will be an absolute dream of a track.

Based on this debut single, I can already envisage The Mojo Revival having a brilliant future ahead, so keep your eye to the ground these chaps are certainly one to watch.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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