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The Man Who - Less Talking

Having already released tracks such as Money and Cage, Ontario based trio The Man Who brought out their brand new single Less Talking on 30th April 2022. From the outset, this it the type of catchy song which will draw you in and grab your attention, which is always a bonus especially when you are a first time listener to their music.

What like about this track is that lyrically it is quite an expressive track which explores some common outlooks in life which we can all relate to, especially lines such as ‘...I use to be a glass half empty kinda guy…’ but also hint at those pinch yourself moments in life, such as when the person you thought was out of your league so to speak comes to talk to you.

It might feel like a scene from a movie, but actually those kind of scenarios are more common than you think. I listen to a song such as Less Talking and hear my inner thoughts speaking to almost to say ‘oh my days, that is so damn true!’, and as a result it makes me want to listen to it even more.

Sometimes songs that touch on scenarios like this tend to be drawn out and dressed up with all the whistles and bells to make it sound like this eccentric love affair but what I like The Man Who’s approach is that they cut all that fancy and unnecessary stuff out and just say it for what it is. It is that simplicity which in turn give us some good honest music which allows us to remain engaged, and as a whole makes Less Talking a real winner of a track.

Now if you do some digging around on the band’s social media, there is talk of an EP on the cards, so if it just happens that Less Talking is also on their, then I have a feeling that already that EP is going to be looking mighty fine. More than anything I am looking forward to what the trio from The Man Who treat us to next, because after listening to Less Talking, this is one Canadian band who are very much on my radar.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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