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THE LOTTS - Announce Debut EP 'We Are The Lotts' out 24th July



The Lotts' main influences are Beefheart, Zappa, The Stooges and The New York Dolls with a hefty blend of the Velvet Underground. Yet intriguingly these artists only became known to the band when other people began making comparisons. At first the Lotts were just doing what they did; it wasn’t about copying anyone. They were inspired to pick up guitars by Ty Segall and Mac Demarco but the sound that evolved was from another era entirely. 

As far as the band are concerned it’s Garage Punk.  “It’s just simple energetic rock, what’s wrong with that? We don’t write songs to tick a certain box or whatever. It’s music for people who like it simple and stupid” (Henry, guitar and vocals)

“Simple and a bit gross” according to Adam (lead guitar). “We just want people to get weird with us, you know?”

Reviews of the band’s live performances from their most recent UK tour describe them as raw and exciting driven by chaotic energy. 

“An entertaining romp with raised guitars and guttural rasps”

“Turned a family pub into a mosh pit. SHOCKING!!!!!!!”

Independent venue week kicked off a number of gigs across the country including Manchester, London and Brighton culminating in a ferocious Liverpool show for top promoters EVOL. 

The Lotts have big plans for after Lockdown: “Tearing shit up, dick out, messy gigs you know?... I think it would be cool to be banned from a few venues. Or maybe not. I don’t know. I just hate how uptight everything is. Like if you ran a venue surely you’d want a piss up show? I just wish you could do what you want” (Henry)

Things just sort of happen at Lotts gigs. Wanna get weird?

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