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The Lazy Youth releases debut track "Dancing In The Dark"

Former members from Story Untold, Simon Lepage and Diego Stanger announce side project and debut single "Dancing In The Dark".

What's behind this project? Here's what Simon exclusively told Darkus Magazine: "The Lazy Youth started out as an idea that I had, early Covid. I wanted to create music that sounded like 80’s synth pop so I wrote this one chorus and sent the file to my friend Diego, who is actually the guitar player in my band Story Untold. I presented him the idea of a pop/dance duo that would mostly remain an “online” band and he loved it. So we worked on this one song and perfected it, hoping we could release it around May, which we were able to. I decided to go on a “post-apocalyptic love story” with the lyrics, kinda like where you’re alone on earth with your significant other. We’ve been loving the response so far and we can’t wait to release more music."

Dancing In The Dark is available on all streaming platforms now.

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