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The Injured List - Doubt

Although these days I tend to listen to all different genres of music, deep down pop-punk shall and always be my first love, so whenever a new name comes on my radar my eyes light. This is exactly what happened when I had the blessing and fortune of being introduced to American based The Injured List and their brand new single Doubt which was released on 2nd April 2022.

The moment I pressed play - the first thought that came to my head was ‘oh my days, The Injured List, where have you been all my life?’. Honestly this track is absolute goals and has all the elements of a mighty fine pop-punk track. Within an instant I felt a real synergy with not just the open and honest lyrics, but with the band themselves. Sometimes pop-punk songs can feel a bit samey samey, but The Injured List have provided us all with a much needed boost. Talking of the lyrics, I love how they are infused with a layer of hope and optimism and certainly demonstrates how The Injured List are not just in the world of pop-punk, but they have also brought their A Game too.

If The Injured List happened to come over to the UK (let’s hope they do), and play Doubt at a festival such as Slam Dunk or even one of the other festivals such as Reading & Leeds, or 2000 Trees, if you come to see them for the first time, by the end you will find yourself proclaiming from the rooftops that you are officially their biggest fan.

There are certain songs in life, which always end up being the soundtrack of your year, or even your life, and I can honestly say Doubt will be one of those songs that whether you listen to it 10 times or 1000 time, will bring you immense joy every single time.

Given the way that Doubt has made me feel, I will certainly make sure I fill my days with even more of the band’s phenomenal music, so if I could offer one piece of advice, don’t let this gem of a song pass you by, and instead start listening to it today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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