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The Hunna Reveal New Single, 'Dark Times'

Today The Hunna unveil new single, Dark Times off of their highly anticipated forthcoming album. The track, more poignant now than ever, gives a bit of relief to those feeling overwhelmed, allowing listeners to sing at the top of their lungs and jump off the restlessness and anger they may be feeling. The lyrics tackle hard-hitting issues, such as those that we are currently facing in the global COVID-19 pandemic, by advocating that we can stay connected through dark times (even if we can't be physically right now) with music, resilience, and solidarity.Dark Times reminds us to slow down, take a look around, and take a deeper look at ourselves.

"This song is about feeling overwhelmed with the dark and evil acts that we hear about & experience all over the world. It's about feeling bewildered and helpless in these moments, ever more so now in these current times facing a force we never have before, having to self-isolate without connection to family and loved ones, and although feeling alone or helpless, finding power and resilience together as the world unites to survive and wait for the light that will come."

The Hunna also announces their album I'd Rather Die Than Let You In will now be released on October 2. The quartet will release a new track every month leading up to album release.  Working with Travis Barker, Pete Wentz, Josh Dun, John Feldmann & more, I'd Rather Die Than Let You In explores a new area for the group and showcases their anger, resilience and ultimate rebirth. The Hunna has risen from the ashes with all new music that emphasizes 'it's okay to be angry but it's time to move on.'

Pre-order I'd Rather Die Than Let You In HERE.

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