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The Haunted Youth - Shadows

Having listened to Belgium based The Haunted Youth and their brand new song Shadows which came out 31st March 2021, I have fallen head over heels for this captivating, beautiful and dreamy tracks.

Even thinking about it now, as I reflect I cannot help but smile because it is the type of song where the energy is creates will put you in a good mood and that glimmer of joy that gets you through the day.

I like the fact as well how as far as song writing goes, Shadows is quite deep and meaningful and you find yourself feeling a bond between you and The Haunted Youth, especially when you to hear the synergy being created between those gentle and soothing vocals and the almost atmospheric melodies.

Front man Joachim Liebens is known for channelling his inner most feelings, and I think Shadows is another prime example of how he continues to excel as a songwriter where he creates songs such as this which are so special and powerful.

I listen to something like Shadows and feels like I am witnessing someone writing a letter to themselves but also thinking how that conversation would go down if I did that myself too. In the best sense of the meaning Shadows is the type of song which delves into raw emotions but in a way where The Haunted Youth are navigating us all through to a place of strength.

The Haunted Youth are hand on heart on their way to becoming one of my favourite names in music, and I just cannot wait to the day till I finally see Joachim Liebens and his band make a visit to the UK. Available to listen to now Shadows is the song that will leave you wanting more.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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