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The Exclusive Interview with Petit Biscuit

"A call to reflection, a call to explore your human self, a thought on war, love and death" that's how French DJ and producer Petit Biscuit describes his new album Parachute, an album that changes everything. Three years after the release of Presence, his debut album as well as touring the world, performing at Coachella and gaining millions of streams across all digital platforms, we see the DJ flipping the coin where after working a lot on himself, he decided to sing in most of his tracks. After making the decision of escape the world to Iceland to start working on his album and to finish the details in LA, Parachute is the result of a 20-year-old man who established his position in the industry. He told us all about his dreams, his personal growth and Parachute below:

First of all, congratulations on reaching almost 600 million streams on Sunset Lover, which is still top viral on Tik Tok. Where you expecting that?

Something that is crazy with Sunset Lover is that it never stops to grow. When it’s not on IG stories, it’s on TikTok. I know that some people hate me for that, but I just think it’s incredible.

Parachute is out 3 years after Presence. What has changed?

Mostly I changed! I was touring for 3 years, then I traveled to Iceland and to the US, trying to find inspiration for my next piece. It enabled me to make an album that is way more personal. I feel like I embody Parachute way more than I did for Presence.

You decide to sing in this record, what made you do that?

After working a lot on my self confidence and on the writing, it eventually came very naturally. I’ve been training to sing for years and now I feel like I'm at a point where I'm able to express my feelings through the lyrics, so I decided to just go for it!

From the instrumental positive vibes of "Parachute" to the harder sounds of "Pick Your Battles" with diplo. What was the process behind the album?

I’ve been creating Parachute in two extremely different places : Iceland and the US. It all started in 2019, I needed to take a real break from touring and from everything. Iceland was the best way to feel alone, in the middle of nowhere. And then, the US! In Los Angeles, it had a very different vibe. I’ve got a lot of friends over there and was constantly doing studio sessions or just hanging out with people. I think it's possible to tell which tracks from the album started in one place or the other… I just wanted to share some personal experiences as Parachute is my personal vision, how I see war, love, death. It’s a long introspection into my own self.

Speaking of diplo, how did you guys end up creating some magic together?

Diplo sent me a DM on instagram while I was in Iceland! We connected that way and hit it off pretty good, so when I came to LA I went to his home and we wrote the start of Pick your battles in his studio. We finished the track later when Diplo came to Paris. He’s very open minded musically, and has a fresh sight on what’s coming next… such a great and interesting person!

You've toured the world, you played Coachella in 2018 and you're only 20 years old. What is your dream?

To get back on stage! We had to postpone all of our 2020 touring, and things are still uncertain for 2021. I just hope I'll be able to share the album with a live audience in the coming months, so you could say my dream is for the world to get better.

The world is not going through the best situation right now, how do you find inspiration to write music?

I’m passionate about making music and writing and I think it’s all that matters today. Of course the pandemic and the lockdown makes everything different and difficult, but on the other hand it enabled me to spend a lot more time on my music, and I'm grateful I've been able to do that in these troubled times.

Photos by: Jonathan Bertin

Words by: Sal Fasone

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