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The Elephant Trees - Meaning of Lyf

Following the release of their track Sorry back in March 2022, Manchester based alt pop trio The Elephant Trees announced their latest song Meaning of Lyf which came out on 13th May 2022. If this is your first time checking out their music, then this new track is definitely a brilliant one to sink your teeth into as it could arguably be one of the best and deeply empowering and moving songs you could ever listen to.

We live in a world where there is so much pressure to fit in, or even change ourselves just to seek the approval of others, but you know what The Elephants Trees remind us to fuck that and remember to be ourselves. It is easy to get caught up in what other people think about us, but The Elephant Trees takes those frustrations and articulates it into something deep and moving.

For example when you have lyrics such as ‘I try so so hard to be something that you like, I don’t care if I die, because that is the meaning of life.’ not only do they speak from the heart but also get us to think, because I am sure there are moments where we have thought the same in some shape of form.

The band themselves describe Meaning of Lyf as being a queer anthem for the lost and misunderstood, but I also think that it is the type of song which will resonate with a lot of people regardless of who they are, and in fact one which will also creat a lot of healing and strength when people need it the most.

Sometimes it can feel a bit scary having that heart to heart with all those thoughts going on in side of our head because as humans it is must easier to pretend everything is ok than spare even a second to sit down with our own internal monologue, but the beauty of Meaning of Lyf, is that the band lead by lead-vocalist Martha are there to guide you through that conversation so it feels less overwhelming because you are connecting to someone who knows how you feel and has your back.

I identify with a lot of what is Martha speaks openly about in the lyrics, and while listening to Meaning of Lyf did make me feel emotional, it was also one of the most of the most cathartic pieces of music I have ever heard too, which as a listener helps elevates an already awesome track to a higher level. I am confident that like me, others too will find solace in this track, and am truly grateful to live in a time where I can embrace even more of The Elephant Trees’ music in my life.

Available now, give Meaning of Lyf a listen today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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