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The DePatie Melt - Paladins' Song

Have you ever listened to a good bit of hard rock or been to a show where vocals aside you have stood in appreciation of the craftsmanship of the drums, the sick guitar riff and the seductive vibes of the bass? If I was to answer that myself I would say yes, but also within the same breath admit its been a while since I have experienced that.

Well thankful, Paladins' Song, the latest single by The DePatie Melt is here to able to give us some much needed indulgence. Usually when a song does not have lyrics, unless its something like a movie soundtrack i tend not to brush it off, but Paladins' Song was one of those those occasions when I opted to go in the opposite spirit for a change, and I am so glad I did. The more and and more I listened to Paladins' Song, the more of the energy I felt from the song itself.

This is the first time as well The DePatie Melt have come onto my radar, but one of the things that truly draws me in with Paladins’ Song you almost get the vibe that your not just getting to listen to some exceptional instrumental compositions, but also that you are being given an immersive experience at the same time. This is good ol’ hearty hard rock elevated to a 5DX level where you can really hear and feel the music, and actually the absence of vocals makes it even more refreshing to listen to.

As a music fan, The DePatie Melt have encouraged me to look at music differently, which only makes me appreciate tracks like Paladins’ Song even more. If you have not had the chance to listen to it yet, then I would say don’t delay any longer, because the moment you discover this track for yourself, you too will be wishing for a bit more The DePatie Melt in your life.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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