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The Bandit: Back With Hard-Hitting Single 'Scars'

Bryan Caicedo Torres - AKA The Bandit - is an emblem of talent. What makes such an emblem, you may ask. Is it a renovative song-writing ability? A fire-polished penchant for rapping? Is it a healthy dose of both? 

I’d say in the case of The Bandit, it is definitely a healthy dose of both. Inspired by the lyrical genius of artists such as Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and NF, The Bandit developed for a partiality for creating emotive narratives within his wit-whirled wordplay. Bolstered by his adoration of that old-school, hip-hop vibe, The Bandit’s style has been furbished by a long journey, whereby he has overcame the toughest of odds. 

Undeterred by the bumps in the road, The Bandit has emerged into the Chicago music charts twice in just under a year! Best known for his re-vamping of popular Fugees’ track ‘Ready or Not’, The Bandit is back with his latest release ‘Scars’ to round off the year with an eloquent eruption. 

‘Gonna do a little poetry here // Scars on your soul // Scars on your skin // Some on the outside // Some are within.’

This is the prologue you are acquainted with, ornamented by a violin that flows atop the melody like fraying, saturnine gossamer. Teasing the tempestuous imprint of the storm effects, the delicate nature of the violin mellifluously contrasts the belligerent tonality of the oncoming brontide. Colour me intrigued. 

The harmonies take a sharp breath: there is an instrumental tacet to embellish the entrance of the female vocals. Singing with a gentle sorrow, the poignant mood seamlessly pours over the andante piano like a brook descending the mountainside. 

As the first verse comes to an end, The Bandit graces the melody with his potent, powerhouse rap style. Zapping the dynamics with an undeniable vim, the track seems to come alive at the introduction of his immensely creative, lyrical tongue-twisters. The envenomated rhythm of The Bandit’s rap is as infectious as it is mechanistic in its precision!

Alongside the female vocals, the duality created in the harmonies is an effortless blend of rage and introspection, mimetic of the harshness of the song’s subject. Being a track that handles the topic of depression, it is an unabashed mosaic of honesty and vulnerability. 

When The Bandit raps: ‘I wear my scars with pride, okay?’ you believe every snarling word and become enveloped in the resonant narrative. 

Inspired by the everyday struggles that people suffer through, ‘Scars’ is the perfect armour to the battle we push ourselves to fight every day. 

Having the electric experiences of opening for musicians like Juan Gotti, I’m excited to see how The Bandit brings that live passion to his upcoming projects. Through the grapevine, I heard The Bandit is working on a killer album and a Latin record which is undoubtedly going to be my next earworm! 

Till next time. 

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