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The 1975 seen at their very best with their fifth album ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’

The 1975 are back with a new album ‘Being Funny In A Foreign Language’ which is now their fifth.

The band have always been known for releasing albums with no less than 15 songs but with this one, they’re going rogue in a different way by releasing only 11 tracks. This album embraces and defines what and who exactly The 1975 are. As it says on the tour poster ‘at their very best’ which might seem cocky or infuriating but it is pretty accurate and this album is certainly highlighting that.

On all their other albums, they have always opened up with the song entitled ‘The 1975’. The first three albums included the same lyrics of ‘Go Down, Soft Sound’ and so on. However, on ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’, the opener had become an entirely new sound. It contained an important message about the ongoing climate change, from environmentalist, Greta Thunberg.

Now on this latest album, the introduction song is a four-minute piano lead track, it has impact and it's a perfect fit for the theme of the album. I had goosebumps on the first listen when the song started and it showcases perfectly what the album is going to be.

It then leads on to a fan favourite ‘Happiness’. This was the second track to be released from the album as a single. It's a perfect example of the band's ability to create an effortless mainstream pop sound.

The next track on the album, ‘Looking For Somebody To Love’, has a more fast-paced, synth-pop sound which we haven’t heard from the band before. Even though it has an upbeat sound, it's rather dark with the meaning of toxic masculinity whilst looking for love.

‘Part Of The Band’ has a different pace than the first few songs, it's more folk-rock but one of the more interesting songs on the album as it differs from their previous releases over their time and stands out sonically and lyrically. It contains some of the band's most quotable and recognisable lyrics to date.

‘Oh Caroline’ has a very much 80’s feel to it. All I can say is that it’s dramatic, lively and particularly about all-consuming love. The whole song is spellbinding with the vocal delivery, layered nuances and all of the instruments such as the guitar, the bass and so on.

The next track ‘I'm In Love With You’ was an instant hit with me when I first heard it at Leeds Festival and I’ve not been able to get it out of my head since but that may be due to the fact that the lyrics are repetitive but if you already know some of The 1975 songs, this isn’t something new for them. The track is very much like ‘The Sound’ with a buoyant and radiantly cheery feel.

‘All I Need To Hear’ is a slow, classic ballad. It is a strikingly beautiful song and is devoid of any kind of tension. The entire piece is escapist simplicity in its purest form.

‘Wintering’ stands out with the beautiful instrumentation. It’s somewhat similar to their self-titled era but with a folk twist. The lyricism tells a wonderful story and I could imagine this song in a movie for sure. It is a great addition to the album.

‘Human Too’ is an emotive, slow-paced track but a delight to listen to. This song offers some relief from the band’s mysterious humour

The second to last song, ’About You’ is a track that is a burst of sound with its warm reverb and soft vocals. This song also features the Korean-American alternative pop band ‘Japanese Breakfast’. The vocals give this song a new edge and show exactly what musical collaborations are supposed to do which is to add experience to the song.

And the album's final track ‘When We Are Together’ is an understated, thoughtful ode to a partner. It is a slow song to finish the album with, but what a song it is. The vocals, lyricism and just everything about the song work’s perfectly and makes an ultimate end to the album.

Being a fan of The 1975 since 2012, I can say this is what I believe to be one of their best albums. All their albums I adore for different reasons but this one stood out from the moment I pressed play. Matt did say that he would be “very very angry’ if anyone left him a bad review and yes I did take that into account when writing this but, to be honest with you I don’t know how anyone can find anything negative to write about this album, as it has everything an album needs, it's diverse, touching and the production is sublime. This album is a hell of a treat for the fans, as well as anyone new to listening.

Article By Tiarna Iddon

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