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The 1975 Return To Their Hometown of Manchester

Photo By Jordan Hughes

On the 18th February , The 1975 performed at the AO Arena for what was there final show in their hometown of Manchester before they go on their indefinite hiatus from live shows.Once again the band proved why they are one of the best live bands in the world. 

Having being fortunate of being able to see them the day before at the arena and it being around my 13th time seeing them live, I can truly say that they are the best live band. 

I always do wonder how they are gonna top the performance from the last time I saw them but they somehow always manage to. Every-time they step out on stage, they get bigger and better.

The night started off with The Japanese House who are part of the same label “Dirty Hit” and I can say they didn’t disappoint. With Matty and George paired with the production of the band, there was 1975 notes throughout their sound , so there’s no surprise the two fit so well together on a performance.

For the 1975, the set had stayed very much the same from last years tour, but Matty was on top form this time unlike last year when he was at the AO, he was dosed up on Lemsip. Similar to last year as the curtain dropped,  each member of the band took their time entering the stage, lamps were lit up one by one and Matty lit his cigarette whilst kicking the night off with the song ‘The 1975 ‘ (BFIAFL). Each member had their own room, whilst Matty used the whole set throughout the night. 

The first portion of the night featured a lot of their newest releases such as Part Of The Band, I’m In Love With You , Happiness and Oh Caroline.You couldn’t take your eyes of the stage otherwise you would miss something, like sweet moments between each member of the band. One of my favourites being when Ross gave Matty a hug before leaving the stage during ‘When We Are Together’.

They performed some older songs like Change Of Heart and fan favourite Robbers. This track has always been a standout in their set and is no doubt a must play. 

Photo By Jordan Hughes

Their was also a special guest during ‘All I Need To Hear’ and that was Tim Healy, Mattys dad. Many people know him as Lesley from Benidorm, but however tonight he left the audience amazed with his performance of his sons song. It was beautiful to watch, Matty was sat swinging his legs on the roof looking down on his dad and smiling. 

After many more amazing songs, Matty sat in front of tv screens which were showing short clips of news segments from the XL Bully ban to the Israeli conflict. He climbed into the screen before then appearing on the B stage, and somehow looked fully naked. 

But before long, the real Matty climbed up the platform to look at the wax figure of himself whilst singing I Like America And America Likes Me. It definitely was an unforgettable moment and maybe a little uncomfortable, but that is all part of the art of the 1975. Matty of course had to make some joke out of it and commented on the wax works genitals and mentioned that his were bigger than that in real life. 

The second half of their 2 hour and a half hour set, was filled with nostalgia .Tracks like If You’re Too Shy (Just Let Me Know) , TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME and It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You), saw the biggest reactions from the crowd , Matty and his vocals were almost drowned out by the volume of the fans. 

‘The Sound’ as always got the whole arena jumping, then the surprise song ‘Milk’ caused chaos among the audience, it hadn’t been performed live in many years and so everyone , including myself were screaming. It was dedicated to fan who made a request. 

More hits continued to be delivered- Somebody Else , a snippet of Guys, Love It If We Made It and Sex . These tracks drew the 28 song set list to a near close. Matty, Ross and Adam appeared back on the grassy B Stage  platform for the final time to perform People. The night ended with Matty disappearing headfirst into the platform. 

It’s amazing how the band blends music and theatre together so well. The band have created an incredible live experience and out of all the times I have seen them live, this specific show is up there with  being one of the best. As myself and other fans are disappointed by the news of their upcoming break, this show will undoubtedly live in my head and others rent free until they decide to return.

Photo By Jordan Hughes

Article By Tiarna Iddon, Photos By Jordan Hughes

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