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TEMPOREX serves vintage nostalgia in "U Open Up a Window"

The precocious, elusive star – who shot to cult fame with his hit “Nice Boys” – offers up another breathless joyride of a track, dreamy keys and fanciful musings on inspiration fusing together to form a homage to everyone who's inspired or exposed Flores to new things that have impacted his life. It’s another timely reminder of the young artist’s innate skill in crafting a sense of vintage nostalgia, whilst planting himself distinctly in today’s effervescent culture.

Championed by PAPER MAG and HYPEBEAST with over 70M streams across Spotify alone, TEMPOREX (aka Joseph N. Flores) masterminds the entire spectrum of his world, from production to art direction to the CGI in his videos. With a new body of work slowly unfolding before audiences, 2021 is set as a milestone year for an artist constantly breaking barriers between the virtual and physical worlds.

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