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Temple: Through The Eyes of Anna Willems

Jacket: Celine, Printed shirt: vintage, Gilet: Gucci, Earpiece: Bibi van der Velde

Following the success of the first season of Temple which shown on Sky, directors Liza Marshall announced the exciting news that she would be bringing back everyone’s favourite characters for a second series which premiered on Sky in October 2021. Playing the role of Anna Willems, actress Carice Van Houten gives us an insider's perspective of what it has been like to be part of a show that has got everyone talking.

Carice so wonderful to welcome you to DARKUS, how have these past few months been for you?

Really exciting with the show coming out, I'm very grateful for things having come my way...

Brilliant news for many fans, myself included, to hear that Temple has finally returned to our screens for another season. How has the whole experience been for you?

I’ve loved this show even before we shot it. Mark Strong and Liza Marshall are such a great team and basically when I heard Mark was involved I said yes. I love shooting in and around London and have been extremely lucky to have been working in the midst of the Covid outbreak in 2020. We’ve had great directors and an overall great 'no asshole policy' vibe

When Liza told you her plans for your character Anna, and some of the things she had for some of the endeavours she wanted both you and Anna to explore together in the new season, what were your initial impressions?

I loved that this took Anna’s ambitions very seriously and that her storyline wasn’t and isn’t' just being the love interest.'

For those who haven't watched the show before, Anna Willems is a medical researcher, did you find yourself picking up any lingo that you thought ‘aha i will remember that, you never know when it will come in useful’?

Nope , haha. There’s enough static in my mom brain as it is .

Faux Leather Dress: Isabel Marant

When you look at the growth of your character as a whole from the earlier series, to this new chapter, what makes you smile the most?

The sense of humor that’s been added to Anna’s character and the fact that for one whole episode I wore the easiest costume ever.

If we for a moment look at life outside of Temple, for the Carice Van Houten fans in the house, you have appeared in many other amazing shows in the past such as Game of Thrones, VALKYRIE and Domino to name but a few. What have each of those roles revealed to you about not only your versatility as an actress but also the type of roles which make you feel more alive than ever?

They’ve been so different from each other, and again very different from the more comedic parts I’ve played in The Netherlands for many years. I love exploring human/female nature and there’s no better way than putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for a while.

Temple was released this week here in the UK, and will also be made available to the US viewers from 1st November. Have you been following the response from the shows fans so far online, and have there been any stand out comments which have brought a smile to your face or even the Temple cast and crew as a whole?

Watching Daniel Mays do anything whether its a role or him doing press being Danny is pure joy. The guy is just all funny bones (besides being a very good actor).

Ganni, Shirt: Pomandère, Braces: Vintage

While the first series of Temple may have been released back in 2019, for some people this new season may be the first time they have has the blessing of making the show part of their lives. What would you say to those newbie fans about the journey they are about to take?

Welcome underground.. where it’s mysterious, dark though funny a lot of the time too.

Carice, it has been an absolute pleasure speaking to you. I feel there is so much more we can speak about, but I don’t think there are enough hours in the day, so we will leave those conversations to another time. For now though, if you could think about one thing that you are most grateful for when it comes to not just Temple but all the other brilliant accomplishments you have achieved, what would it be?

My hyper sensitivity combined with being very down to earth. I think that has been my way to act and deal with this business we call show’. Other than that, I'm very proud to have become a mother and that I quit smoking all these years ago. But thats’ not ‘one thing;’ haha , oops.

Wishing Carice and the rest of the cast all the best. To tune in to all of the action so far, Temple is currently being broadcast on Sky Max and NOW TV!


Photography: Valentina Vos @WitmanKleipool

Styling: Esther Coppoolse

Hair and Makeup: Sandra Govers

Products Used: Ellis Faas Cosmetics, Kevin Murphy, Dyson hair

Featured Fashion:

Look 1: Jacket: Celine, Printed Shirt: Vintage, Gilet: Gucci, Earpiece: Bibi van der Velde

Look 2: Faux Leather Dress: Isabel Marant

Look 3: Hat :Ganni, Shirt: Pomandère, Braces: Vintage

Look 4: Shirt: Gucci, Earpiece: Bibi van der Velde, Rings Variance objects

Look 5: Leather Jacket: Gucci, Camisole: Filippa K, Jewels: Bibi van der Velde

Look 6: Leather Jacket: Humanoid, Jeans: Gucci, Socks and Shoes : Ganni

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