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Teamwork Makes The Junodream Work

Over the course of three independently released EPs, indie quintet Junodream have had quite the ride since their formation in 2018. The five-piece have already earned airplay on the likes of BBC Radio 1, Radio X and been featured on the BBC Introducing Hot List too! Their new single 'Eden Burns' follows up to their previous release 'Easy Life', which marks the band's hottest sound to date. I caught up with the band to hear what they had to say about the new single...

Tell us a bit about the new track ‘Eden Burns’, what is the meaning behind it?

Eden Burns was inspired by the Australian bushfires last year. It’s about the conversation around climate change - whilst it’s great people are speaking about it, actions speak louder than words. We’re all guilty of not doing enough and we’re running out of time.

Were there any other artists who have influenced your sound as a band or the new single in


We are big fans of bands who really go there with sounds - e.g. Pink Floyd, early Beck, Air, to name a few. We loosely describe ourselves as space-rock, but occasionally we drift into more punchy territory. Eden Burns is on the punchier side of things, that’s for sure.

If you could describe your sound in three words what would they be?

Space-Rock (mostly).

How have you found the process of making music during lockdown?

Lack of gigs is a curse, naturally. We miss playing to new people in new places. But equally, we’ve had plenty of time to knuckle down and just write songs. Lockdown’s been great because we’ve been forced to adapt our process. A lot of solo writing between us, sending ideas back and forth, self-recording, and starting to use more processed sounds such as drum-loops (just you wait).

Has there been any positives or negatives of making music socially-distanced/virtually?

Writing in a sweaty rehearsal room has sometimes has its perks. We constantly send ideas to

each-other - this could be fully formed songs or 10 second voice notes which are totally

incomprehensible. One positive is that if you don’t like an idea, you can just say it over text,

or better yet ignore it. Much easier than full on combat in a sweaty rehearsal room.

What has been your highlight as a band so far?

Playing to the Dutch. What a great bunch they are.

Bringing out new music during lockdown without being able to perform live to promote it is

a bold move, why do you think this is important?

If we didn’t we’d sink back to the bottom of the swamp. Nobody wants that.

How do you feel about socially distanced gigs? Do you think this will be the future for live

shows for a long time?

We hope not. Nothing like scrumming with a bunch of random people you’ve never met before.

Are you hoping the April tour you have planned will remain as scheduled?

More than hoping, we’re praying.

What can we expect from Junodream in 2021?

Eden Burns is an appetiser for a full on all you can eat junodream banquet.

I can't wait to hear what's next from Junodream and think it's going to be a huge year for the band! Fingers crossed hopefully their upcoming tour can go ahead and we can catch them live very soon!

Check out the brand new release 'Eden Burns', available on all platforms now.

Article By Rebecca Cook

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