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Taasai, a new carbon neutral way to move around London

TAASAI is a revolutionary transportation technology ecosystem that has been designed to tackle these environmental problems through the process of carbon offsetting and whilst still providing the customer with a first-class service. The goal is to make transportation safe, convenient, and sustainable for people in the communities where they live and work.

But Taasai is not just revolutionary, it goes beyond that! The company is planning to hire more than 40,000 drivers in London by the end of the year to help boost the economy and give drivers a fairer wage for their job.

Riders are assured of the best travel experience while using Taasai for booking rides in the city for city transfers and long-duration trips in and out of London, as their rides are handled by fully vetted Partner-Drivers with around the clock telephone support.

They believe the bulk of the earnings of a trip should go to the vehicle owner amidst the rising cost of maintaining and fuelling the vehicle and therefore they charge less commission. Each fully vetted Partner-Driver will be able to choose the hours they work for a fair wage whilst helping to be part of the bigger picture.

For every 10th ride that a user takes with Taasai, they have promised to plant a tree, which in effect makes each trip carbon neutral.

The government statistics claim the average person in England made 11 taxi or PHV trips and travelled 59 miles by taxi or PHV in 2019 before the pandemic in 2020. London is a cosmopolitan city with one of the largest users of ride-booking platforms, with over 10 million users using various platforms, TAASAI plans to plant 1 million trees within the next 12 months as Londoners go about their daily business while using the app.

According to a study conducted by researchers at Imperial College London, air pollution contributed to the deaths of more than 4,000 Londoners in 2019.

We had a chat with the team behind the company and here's what they told us ...

How did the name Taasai come about?

Mobility as a service is a common words these days around transport community and it just simply means is a type of service that through a joint digital channel enables users to plan, book, and pay for multiple types of mobility services and we thought why not transportation as a service? Where you can mix various types of transport types and allow users to book , plan and pay and we use artificial intelligence in the process.

So Taasai means Transportation As A Service using Artificial Intelligence.

Carbon Neutral journeys? We have to be very honest about what the industry have today in terms of different types of cars. They are lots of petrol & diesel cars still being used today in the transport sector and the cost for electric cars are still on the high side until the cost of the batteries come low or some new battery technology is found. So we just have a blanket police, we offset all carbon emission on each journey, we work with a partner that has given us the formular, so for every ride we just offset the carbon emission by buying carbon credits.

Sign me up! How do they work? So just like any ride booking app, you download from the Apple or PlayStore , add a payment type and order for a ride. We receive your booking request in our office and dispatch a driver. All these happen in Realtime.

Does it mean they will be more expensive than a normal cab service? The pricing model we have is standard like any other rider booking platform in London and we just thought, why don’t we build a good business and still do good . So we offset the carbon emission without any cost to the rider.

What is the team behind like? How did the idea come together? Michael Nyananyo is the developer behind Taasai , he’s been building the concept for 4 years.

How easy is Taasai to use?

It's as easy as downloading the app. Infact in less than 5 steps you can book a ride.

We are saying to Londoners today, for every 10th ride you book with us we plant a tree here in the UK. We are also planning to recruit 40,000 drivers within the next 12 months. Just to add that we are in the process of adding flight booking and train booking. Our flight booking will be live by 19th of May in the apple and android store. Our plan is to allow a user to book a flight and a taxi and we offset the emission on both flight and taxi. Then sometime in June we would launch the train service.

Follow Taasai on Facebook and Instagram: FB: Taasai IG: Taasaiapp For further information visit

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