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Support + Feed and Plant Based Party Return For Special Summer Edition, Starting This Friday, July 2

From Friday, July 24 until Sunday, July 26, Support + Feed will be partnering with Plant Based Partyand REVERB , for the summer edition of the wildly popular #plantbasedpartyinitiative. This time, with special sponsors GardeinPéla and ChowNow.

Starting this Friday, July 24, people are encouraged to post a photo of their plant based meal on social media -- it can be from a restaurant or made at home – with the hashtag #plantbasedparty . For every #PlantBasedParty mention Gardein, who makes your meatless lifestyle easy; Péla, who continues to research and develop the most innovative products to create a waste-free future; and ChowNow, the commission-free online food ordering platform; will be giving up to $40,000 to Support + Feed so that they can continue to provide plant-based meals to people in need including women’s shelters, senior centers, and people experiencing homelessness.

In addition to that, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to REVERB, to aid in their efforts to unite the music community in the fight against climate change. During this time REVERB would usually be busy “greening” musicians’ tours like Billie Eilish, Maroon 5, Harry Styles and others, but since concerts are paused they are doing their work online through campaigns like the Plant Based Party . To learn more, go to and

"Plant Based Party (for the Planet) is an event everyone, everywhere can attend!” says Support and Feed founder, Maggie Baird . “A celebration of, and a way to support Plant Based eating, because we know it is not only important for our health, but for the health of our planet and something we can all do to help address the climate crisis."

Support + Feed is the brainchild of Maggie Baird , the mother of global pop-phenoms Billie Eilish and FINNEAS , “This started from our family’s concern for the many wonderful, small, plant-based restaurants in LA during this very challenging time. We wanted to support them, and at the same time support people who are in need right now.” Baird reveals. “Our first idea was just to order food from a local restaurant and have it delivered to people who were working late at night and in need. I asked friends for suggestions and was flooded with great ones, and ended up ordering from Sage and having it delivered to the Midnight Mission downtown. I started to think about how this could be a bigger idea and how we might be able to help organizations that feed children, families, people experiencing homelessness and others in need, delicious, nourishing meals. I reached out to a group of people who jumped into action to make this happen.” 

Support + Feed is now operating in Los Angeles, New York City and Philadelphia, and plans to extend operations further across the nation soon.

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