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Sunday Vibes: Playlist 19th march 2023

Sunday's are for chillin!

So if your looking for some new music to check out whilst you enjoy a little bit of much needed 'me' time then let DARKUS treat you to our brand new weekly playlists featuring some of the coolest new names around.

Sit back, relax and let the music lead the way!

LAV.ISH - Take Your Time

LAV.ISH is a group of 4 members from Los Angeles California. Carl and Nim being the vocalists, and Lucas and Brandon being the producers. If your wondering what's with the dot, well it's more than your average dot. DOT stands for Don't Over Think. It represents their attention to detail and coexistence with imperfection. All of LAV.ISH's music is made in house. The mission is to make you feel something.

Houis x Ushuaia x Foreignlocal. - Can't Explain

New York producer Houis teams up with singer/songwriter Foreignlocal. and guitarist Ushuaia on intimate new single “Can’t Explain”, which intersects neo-soul, jazz and pop to create a sound “both"

David Green - Under The Covers

David Green's openhearted brand of piano-based electro pop has earned him a reputation as an exceptionally promising new artist. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter has been releasing music since 2018, developing his unique voice and growing as an artist with every new song. Now, with the release of his debut album “Happy Tears” planned for summer of 2023, David is poised to reach new heights while making a meaningful impact on the modern music world.

Johnny Cisneros - MOTIONS

Cisneros' aims to create a musically diverse world of dream pop ballads infused with Latin influences. Johnny's effortless storytelling and songwriting are based in themes of exploration of self and his Latin roots. Cisneros' influences include psychedelic rock with indie pop. His sound is a unique interpretation of bedroom pop that combines lush analog synthesizers with dreamy guitars.

Experience the spacey vibes of his latest dream pop song MOTIONS, as he takes you on a sonic adventure through dreamy vocals, epic synths, and soulful guitars. Stay in MOTION!

MAUTHĒ - First Time

First Time sees the Canadian artist MAUTHĒ explore new territory by diving into the world of drum and bass

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