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Stellen Perrick - Golden Baby

When you think of Contemporary R&B, Dream Pop and Alternative Rock, most of the time our mind is thinking of well known names based here in the West such as the US, UK or Europe. However we are delighted to take you on a virtual trip to India, the home of independent musician and producer, Stellen Perrick.

On 13th May 2022, Stellen released his brand new track Golden Baby, which hand on heart is one of the best pieces of music you could ever hear. Stellen is known to be a guy who truly embraces what it means to be a independent artist who produces, writes and masters all of his own work, and when you listen to Golden Baby you can really see those skills and talents shining through, and in turn gives us all a song which will take your breath away.

Pressing play for that very first time, put a huge smile on my face as I could feel Golden Baby really working its magic and charming me both lyrically and sonically. I was not just hearing the music, but there was also a party going on inside of mind, and the more I listen, the bigger the rush of adrenaline I felt. Imagine what it would be like to be in a room with huge names such as The Weeknd, Michael Jackson and maybe even the likes of The 1975 from here in the UK, well listening to Golden Baby is like all those great names rolled into one, with Stellen’s own charisma infused into throughout to give the song even more of an edge.

As far as I can tell, Golden Baby is Stellen Perrick’s first ever single, and I praise the Lord for having the opportunity to being amongst the first people to hear it, because oh my word to say that this is some seriously good music would be an understatement. Such a vibrant song which leaves you energised and is one which I am confident will lead on to Stellen Perrick achieving many great things. Golden Baby as far as I am concerned, is THE song everyone needs in their life and I cannot wait to discover what other brilliant tunes this talented soul has in store for us all in the weeks and months to follow. Available to listen to now, sit back and enjoy everything that this brilliant track has to offer.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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