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STARSET X Judge & Jury X Breaking Benjamin - Waiting On The Sky To Change

For us Breaking Benjamin fans it has felt like a lifetime since we have indulged in new music from this iconic band, however after 4 years the band broke their silence when they appeared on Waiting On The Sky To Change.

Joining forces with fellow Americans STARSET and Judge & Jury, all three combine their skills to create one of the most powerful rock tracks of 2022, an anthemic number which will have you singing at the top of the lungs but also allowing you to sink yourself to some pretty deep and engaging lyrics. Whether you have followed the music of all three of these rock music heavy weights or not, that does not matter because I am confident that this will be that one track which will have you hypnotized through as you open your mind, embracing all the glory of Waiting On The SKy To Change. With each passing second you just feel the track enticing you more and more.

Its madness to think that this song has only been released for a couple of days, but at the same time it feels like a track I have known my whole life due to just how easy I find myself connecting to the music, as I increase the volume higher and higher. This is the type of music which you just cannot get enough of, and lets hope that it paves the way for even more joint ventures between STARSET, Judge & Jury and ofcourse Breaking Benjamin, each of whom bring their own unique style to give music fans like you and I a body of music filled with absolute charisma.

Available on all major platforms Waiting On The Sky To Change is beckoning, so don’t delay!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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