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As the days get longer and the wait for summer shortens, its time to put things in perspective. When the sun filters through the window and into our homes, we realise that our furniture is dustier than we thought, our clothes stuffier and the remains of winter still prevalent in the untouched presents we promised to use.

If you are feeling out of place on the blooming streets, you might be stuck in last season and not even know it. It all comes down to feeling good from the inside out, something we should feel all year round, but if you've been putting off trying a new look or deep-cleaning the kitchen, use the blue skies outside as a reason to do it!

1. Space

We underestimate the impact of our surroundings on our spiritual and mental space. With winter comes the natural hibernation period, the dark days of rotting in our pyjamas with a hot chocolate and a good TV show. It's time to get up and claim back your space! I recommend stripping it back to the bare minimum, wiping down the surfaces and attempting some DIY on whatever it is you've put off since December - for me it was repainting the spare room.

Then, once the hearty smell of Winter is replaced by a level of freshness you can only get from spending a whole day decluttering, take a leaf from Marie Kondo and try to fill your home with things that genuinely make you happy. Maybe the blank wall above your sofa is desperate for some artwork? Maybe the kitchen table needs fresh flowers? You don't have to knock down a wall to free up space! Try to be sustainable too - instead of throwing that bookshelf out you've had since uni, why not add a fresh lick of paint? Get creative and find your aesthetic.

2. Style

Like Coco Chanel, I'm a believer that trends come and go but style stays forever. That's why I'm not going to bombard you with the micro-trends you've seen on Tik Tok - and no, I don't dislike them, in fact I think we should embrace the experimentation!

So instead of telling you what's in and out, I'm here to do the opposite. Use the new season as an excuse to try a style you've always felt to shy to attempt! Maybe this is swapping your contacts for glasses and wearing a midi skirt reminiscent of Giselle in The Devil Wear's Prada (yes I know you've seen the office siren trend), or maybe this is heading to your local charity shop and finding that Burberry inspired trench coat you always wanted and being an on-budget Audrey Hepburn. Maybe you couldn't afford to dress how you wanted to during the pandemic and have a ton of stuff with the tags still on - well get those bad boys out and let's go girls! Try not to be disheartened by the phrase "it's just not me," and try on something you've never tried before. Life is way too short to wear the same outfit again, but if you are an outfit repeater (like me!), why not try those flared jeans in a different shade of blue?

3. Skincare

As the weather warms up, I find I'm naturally less likely to cake on the longwear foundation or waterproof eyeliner. If you've found yourself craving the clean girl look but still want to express yourself, I recommend having a good skincare routine. If makeup is an art, which with eyeshadow making a comeback then it surely must be, your skin really is the canvas. Whether your sticking to your brushed up brows and dewy setting spray or surrending to the resurgence of 2016 makeup trends, a good base is a neccessity for any masterpiece.

I've been lucky enough to try Rituals' cleansing balm, part of the Ritual of Namaste collection. Inititally the idea of a facial soap for my combination skin was terrifying - would I break out? Dry out? I never really know with new things...however, I was pleasantly surprised. Once you foam it up in your hands with some hot water, the soap bar texture becomes something much softer and fragrant, but also deeply cleaning. If you need an extra scrub like me, follow it up with the Dermalogica microfoliant and finish with the Keihls ultra facial cream for the perfect glowy luck! Not only that, but facial soaps are plastic free, so not only did my Rituals bar arrive in a beautiful box, you don't have to feel guilty about plastic pollution once you're finished!

4. Substance

Hi, my name is Sass, and I am a wineaholic, shopaholic, chocaholic. And I bet you are too! And no, having a few glasses at the weekend after a long week does not mean you have a problem. But I bet your as acquainted as I am with anxiety and chip-shop regret.

If you find yourself struggling to balance the books this Spring, it may be time to pick your poisionpoison...and put it back down again. When I glance back at my winter receipts, there is a suspicious amount of online shopping activity - which surely must be credit card fraud? I mean I would never order new GHDs or a new pair of shoes at 2am after a bottle of red wine, right?

If your bottomless brunch on a Saturday morning is turning into a one-night stand with a man named Smirnoff, you might find yourself craving more of a balance. There's no reason you can't go out and turn your local pub into a playground, but if it's making you miserable (or broke) in the process, maybe its time to try something new?

I recently traded in the nightclub for a yoga studio. As someone who never took meditation seriously, I really found it having a huge impact on my wellbeing. Instead of fearing for your life on a Sunday morning, book into Hot Pilates in advance so you're not tempted to self-sabotage the night before, or agree to meet your friend at the local gym to catch-up over a workout.

I'm not saying you need to go sober or cancel your social calendar to be happier, but maybe switch your Mimosa for some freshly squeezed juice or a good pot of coffee and see where it goes from there? And before complaining about the price of the class, just remember that you still have to pay to get into Popworld.

5. Socials

While we're on the topic of socialising, it is 2024 and we can all agree that most of our interactions take place online. I'd like to preface this by saying no, it does not make you a bad person for blocking or unfollowing someone, as long as you are doing it for the right reasons!

I've been using the block button like a right-hook my whole online existence, so here is some advice from someone on their fifth instagram account on how to safely detox your social media:

  • If someone is causing you undue stress on socials, maybe restrict their access to you. A good friend will respect your feedback so have a conversation first, but if someone you met at a party five years ago won't stop banging on about topics you could care less about, it's time to say bye-bye and block them, baby.

  • Try to follow accounts that motivate you! Granted, your fun auntie may not be posting life-altering quotes and your best-friend is allowed a free pass for exposing a toxic ex on her story, but maybe stop following accounts that use AI to make you hate your very human self? Follow some local independent art galleries or music venues to stay in the loop on what's going on. A bit of culture never killed anybody, did it?

  • Reconnect! You don't have to block to detox and this is where being less hungover may help you with the fear of striking up a relationship with an old pal. Be honest about how you may have overlooked them and apologise for not messaging more. If there is a relationship there worth having, you may be pleasantly surprised by their response. But also prepare yourself for the chance that they may not have forgiven you yet for not checking in during lockdown or stealing their sweatshirt on a night out...but do NOT and I repeat, do NOT do this drunk. I say this as an experienced veteran - it is not worth the biting essay you are gauranteed to get back in response.

As the clouds clear up and Easter approaches, take the sunny days one day at a time.

Remember to rest too, as just because the sun is out doesn't mean you have to exhaust yourself or colour code your wardrobe until your eyes hurt. If your spring resolution is just to be more balanced, then apply that mantra to any aspect of your place and try to find a bit of peace, just for you.

Article By Saskia Dylan

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