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Sophia: North East Artist releases 'HOMETOWN' EP

Photo By Kate Milne

Rising star, Sophia, sets to make her mark with debut EP ‘Hometown’ which has just been released. She was tipped as one to watch for 2021 by BBC Introducing in the North East. Sophia explains that “This full EP takes listeners through my journey of managing all of the firsts in life, the different emotions and feeling you have to deal with, the people you have to leave behind, the relationships that get forgotten about. These 6 tracks tell my story”.

First on her EP, is a track called ‘Hometown’. This song explores the pathway through teenage years and how life starts to drive you away from the comforts of your hometown. This track certainly showcases Sophia’s angelic and delicate voice.

‘Scene From A Film’ is next up on her EP. Sophia describes that “we took inspiration from artists like Maisie Peters, Lennon Stella, and Taylor Swift to name a few and I am so happy with the vibe of it”. This song is about how we mask what a situation is really like, rather than the one that’s actually in your head.

Photo By Kate Milne

‘Danced All Night’ still stays on the same theme of looking back at previous experiences. Sophia has a conversation with her 20 year old self and as she quoted “just trying to go back in time and give myself a big old shake and say ‘what were you worried about’.” Many other people would be able to relate to this track as we have all had self-doubt at some point in our life. ‘Maybe” tells the story of asking someone to take a chance on you. This track was recorded in a quick writing session just by chance.

“Turn My Light Off’ is the newest track from her EP. It is by far the most emotive song. This track focuses on how she wants her ‘someone’ to let her know whether they are done with this as so then she can turn her light off and move on in her life.

The final track on her EP is ‘Said You Loved Me’. This is her venting song, calling someone out for being a bit of an idiot.

Photo By Kate Milne

Her whole EP is for sure relatable for many others with her focusing on, childhood, heartbreak, feelings of self doubt and just situations we find ourself in, in life. This EP is going to be celebrated with a headline show at Newcastle’s Little Buildings on Friday 19th November.

Stay Connected to Sophia : Instagram - @sophiamusicukk

Article By Tiarna Iddon

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